Is there one you can reach? By Betsy Fritcha

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IS THERE ONE YOU CAN REACH?                               

The entire world is being turned upside down through the effects of an enemy that cannot be seen visibly.  It has been named COVID-19 coronavirus.

I am reminded as I read my Bible that Jesus, God’s Son, came for those who are oppressed by unseen enemy forces.  Jesus is always on a mission to save the “one”. Are you the “one”?   Do you know a “one”?  Jesus is interested in each unique life that He created for them to enjoy.

One particular story in Mark 5 deeply touches my heart because there are people suffering in this way that can be set free by a touch from Jesus. In this story, Jesus got in his boat and went out of His way to go across the lake for one man who genuinely needed a way out of his desperate situation. An unseen enemy force caused this man to lose his mind and act like no human being in their right mind would act.

Even before Jesus got in the boat to go to him, Jesus knew the man and his situation because Jesus sees into each and every person’s heart and situation and He knows the answer you need to get you out of your dilemma. He sees your situation that possibly has turned desperate because of this unseen enemy who is stealthily seeking to devour you and possibly causing you to think you are losing your mind. Turn to Jesus and ask Him to help you.

When Jesus set this man free from this unseen evil source that was causing him to act in ways he would never act, unless something sinister was pushing him to do so, he was back in his right mind so he could act in good ways. He went and told his friends and neighbors how merciful and wonderful Jesus was to him. They were amazed at the change in him; and I do believe they too turned to Jesus to get the help they needed. So on and on it goes as we share what Jesus does for us in showing us His Mercy and the wonderful way He helps us.

Are you one to be reached with Jesus’ care and Love?  If so, when He helps you be sure and tell others so they too can be touched by Jesus and then pass onto others how Jesus touched them so on and on goes Jesus’ Love and help.

Betsy Fritcha

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