Invitation Book 1 In The Demon Mirror Series

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Invitation is the first book in a two part series.  These books are the recounted story of a series of “campaigns” that I ran as a Dungeon Master in the very popular RPG game of Dungeons and Dragons.  Invitation tells the first part of the story, while Hidden (the upcoming second book) finishes the tale.

Here is a brief summary of what lies inside:

Lord Myou, a very old wizard, has spent almost his entire life in search of a fabled dragon’s treasure. After finally finding what he believes to be the secret entrance to its lair, he enlists the help of three inexperienced adventurers. Milo Thorngage, Chuck Orcfoe, and Ulin Trayborn explore the cave’s depths and find much more than the remnants of an ancient treasure.

The trio encounters a new and strange creature that they have never seen nor read anything about. Further investigation reveals that someone, or something is turning these creatures into some sort of demon-hybrid. The group must now decide to chase the treasure or find out why these hybrid creations are being made.

The group eventually finds themselves at the home of a Master Necromancer named Silineas. Silineas tells them of a demon he let loose on the world by accident, whom he calls Sepeth. The necromancer lies to them and tries to subtly turn them against Lord Myou and his friends. Not knowing who to believe, Milo, Chuck, and Ulin carry on in search of the “real” truth, knowing that they can only put their trust into each other.

Along the way back to Lord Myou’s residence, they learn of an assassination plot against them, but by whom they don’t know. Silineas? Lord Myou? Someone else they’ve encountered since leaving their homes?

Upon arriving back to the village where the journey began, they are hired by a one, Master Butry. Butry is the area’s Merchant’s Guild Master. He employees them to make some “deliveries” and a few other odd jobs. During this time, they find out the Merchant’s Guild is involved in weapons trading and slavery. One of the Lord Myou’s staff members is kidnapped and in fact is being sold at the next slave auction. They must figure out how to save her without getting caught by Butry.

While waiting for Lord Myou to return from a Wizard Council meeting, Chuck, Milo, and Ulin encounter the demon, Sepeth. After a brief altercation, the demon flees, but they find the den where the demon-hybrid creatures are being made.

Lord Myou returns and shares with the group a journal written by a wizard over a hundred years ago. This journal outlines the history and origins of a powerful summoning device – a mirror – he used to bring forth the Demon Prince into this world. However, the wizard was clever, and the demons never set forth beyond the boundaries of the summoning circle. But the mirror could not be destroyed, only taken apart. So he dismantles the mirror and hides its pieces all over the continent.

Unknowingly, they already had one of the components. Now Milo, Ulin and Chuck must race to find the rest of the mirror pieces before the demon Sepeth and his army of followers finds them.

I am looking forward to sharing my book with you in the Author’s Lounge.  I hope you are able to check it out.

About the Author:

I grew up reading the works of Tolkien, and Terry Brooks.  This inspiration lead to playing role-playing-games such as Dungeon and Dragons.  I hope to complete my second book this year and finish the series.  We have just started a completely new campaign, and with any hope and some luck, maybe I’ll start a completely new series.


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