Into the Unknown: Finding A Vocation

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People say that we need to fall in love to be happy. Others say that happiness pertains to success, measured by how much you have accomplished in your life. Others say that happiness cannot be gauged by something we can see or touch. Simply, it’s by something felt during certain moments. 

Whether we believe in happiness, we all recognize that we are called to do something with it. We cannot just sit alone in our homes doing nothing. Somehow, we must be able to meet other people, build relationships, and learn from our experiences to progress and change how we think, act, and live in the hope of becoming better people. We must follow a calling – a vocation in one way or another. 

When we think of a vocation, the most common thoughts are getting married and raising a family. However, contrary to common belief, other vocations aside from marriage can still allow a person to grow and self-actualize. For those who have not been called yet or are still unsure of their calling, here are some of the common vocations that you may be called into:

Single Blessedness

Most people believe that single blessedness is just a vocation for those unable to get married. Somehow, others believe that single life is just an extra – a backup vocation if marriage life fails or one cannot get married. However, the call to the single life is just as authentic as any other vocation. It should not be considered a bracket for people who do not fit anywhere else. 

Single blessedness calls people to other aspects of life such as career, caring for the elderly or children, and the like. Often, single blessedness calls people to work in a specific field where they can learn and flourish through their experiences and relationships with others. Moreover, single blessedness can be chosen by choice, death, or a spouse’s divorce. Through these experiences, they can self-actualize, become a better version of themselves, and achieve their full potential through the many lessons they learn from their encounters.

Married Life

Married life is one of the things wherein people have very contrasting opinions. People either believe in marriage or don’t. Many still believe in marriage; finding one will make them more fulfilled and happy. Aside from just spending the rest of your life with a spouse, marriage is often linked to having kids. Some believe having kids after they get married is necessary since it “completes” the family. However, some would prefer not to have kids or cannot have kids at all.

However, regardless of our belief in marriage, we must recognize that sometimes it is successful, and sometimes, it is not. As better depicted in the book, The Other Side Of Fear by Veronica, sometimes, there is more to marriage than what meets the eye. It isn’t always the perfect storybook ending, and there is more to “happily ever after” than meets the eye. However, regardless of the ending, marriage can still be a gratifying experience. This is especially for those who choose to raise kids (whether their own or adopted).

Priesthood and Becoming a Nun

When it comes to becoming a priest or a nun, people first think of the restrictions in this vocation. However, these are not to be viewed as restrictions but as vows. A priest or nun must make the common three vows: poverty, chastity, and obedience, which may vary based on your religion. Some religions may have more or fewer vows than others.

The vow to poverty means that most priests cannot own property. They are to renounce worldly possessions and engage in the communal sharing of resources. Chastity refers to a life of celibacy and integrity (regarding sexuality). Obedience means that they may follow the orders of the Church even if it means that they will be separated from their family and loved ones or if they will be sent to a poor, war-torn, or unknown place.


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