Three’s a Crowd: Humans as Triune Beings

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The Bible presents humans as triune beings consisting of a body, soul, and spirit. What does it mean, and how do people ensure each nature is taken care of?

In Christianity, three is a significant number. Multiple religious elements revolve around threes. There’s the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, where God is all three people in one Godhead. He is The Father, who created all things; the Son, an incarnation of the Father as a human; and the Holy Spirit, which stands for God’s power active in the world. There are also three Theological Virtues where the groups of martyrs are named: Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Aside from this doctrine and virtues, the number three is also prevalent in Jesus’ life as reflected in the Bible. From the well-known three wise men who visited Jesus’ birth down to Jesus having three main disciples, almost every significant event in the Bible happens or involves the number three. And as humans are made in God’s image, it’s unavoidable that this significance in threes also occurs in their lives.

Triune Beings

Julius Mosley’s book, Living Life With Blinders On, mentions that similar to how God is three holy figures in one, humans are also triune beings. Man comprises a visible body, an invisible soul, and a spirit. The book of Genesis expounds on this trait, mentioning, “The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.”

The figure conjured from dust is what produces men with their lifeless bodies. They remained motionless vessels until God breathed life into their nostrils, giving them living souls.

Similar to how the Holy Trinity makes God one whole omnipotent being, these three parts also make humans complete. They work together, helping people exist following God’s will. The body interacts with the physical world; the spirit and soul make these interactions meaningful. And much like how a tripod can’t stand erect if one leg is weaker, people also need to care for and replenish each of their trinity.

As triune beings, men must care for these aspects equally. They can’t prioritize one over the other. A healthy physical body doesn’t automatically mean a healthy spirit and soul.

The Three Parts Within Humans

Before discussing what makes each of these parts healthy and well, it’s crucial to differentiate them. There must be a distinction between them to keep each of them fit.

As mentioned, the body is the physical side. It’s in charge of navigating around the material world through the senses. The body’s common motivations for living include necessities like food, air, and water. On the other hand, the spirit interacts with the spiritual realm through prayers, faith, and hope. While the body interacts with its surroundings, the spirit communicates with God and religion.

The body makes all the physical interactions, but whether this does good or bad depends on how the spirit is conditioned or taught.

Lastly, the soul carries life. It encompasses people’s memories, emotions, and reasons for living beyond the essentials. The soul acts as the command center, directing them toward actions or activities that fulfill their purpose. All of them work in synchronicity, one depending on the other.

Taking Care of Triune Beings

Each of these three dimensions is crucial for people’s well-being. Hence, they need to attend to each of their needs equally. One’s spirit and soul need to grow as much as one’s body develops. There’s no other way to ensure proper development than taking care of all these.

The body houses all the other components. Without the vessel, the spirit won’t have any means of actively communicating with God, and the soul won’t attain its purpose. Fortunately, the body is a physical structure. Thus, the effects or consequences of unhealthiness can be observed, and there’s no reason why people can’t do otherwise. Humans must care for their bodies physically, which can be achieved through countless means like eating healthy, exercising, and resting.

On the other hand, taking care of the soul requires a different kind of feeding and exercising. People must choose to expose themselves to goodness, avoiding evil or negativity. The soul is easily influenced by its surrounding. It feeds on what the body exposes itself to in terms of energy, environment, and experiences.

Thus, people must stick to God’s ways. This can also help in nurturing the spirit. Being close to God and religion and strictly adhering to His value strengthens the spirit, thus powering the body and soul to be alive. Each of these three components powers humans to live. Look into what your triune lacks and work on fulfilling it.


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