Loud and Proud: How Can Women Embrace Feminine Energy

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Often, women are associated with weakness and inferiority. However, there’s power in feminine energy women must proudly embody.

What does feminine energy mean?

When people discuss what makes a woman who she is, what commonly comes up are subtly demeaning and offensive definitions. Women are seen as emotional, sensitive, and paranoid. What makes them women are commonly associated with a negative connotation. It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially for female readers, but it’s how society has long perceived them. With men as the patriarchal society’s standard, women have been belittled.

Due to the nature of their upbringing, women have learned to mask their feminine energy to please societal norms. They’ve worn a façade of false masculinity and hyper-independence to protect themselves. They parade themselves in ways contrary to how they should and love to, hoping the world would take them seriously. In the continuous fight for equality, woman have willingly lost their essence to preserve most of their identity.

First, What Is the Feminine Energy?

By its definition, feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy. It’s the flexibility against the masculine’s rigidity, the nurturing compared to the aggressive, and the receiving contrary to receiving. Femininity is the nurturing energy conveyed when women move closely with life’s flow and attune their inner selves to their higher purpose.

In a world where the masculine is rewarded more, women often have an imbalanced or weakened feminine energy. They’ve unconsciously succumbed to society’s relentless demand for resources, organization, and aggression. This discrepancy is pulling women away from actualizing their potential and living life as it should. Women have become lost in their masculinity, thus losing sight of their identities.

In Daily Reflections for Women, author Virginia R. Degner provides insight into women’s common questions about self and meaning. They’ve gotten too caught up in the world’s hustle and bustle they push back the little voice within their heads, begging them to embrace their identity.

With society putting other unnecessary burdens on their shoulders, women’s hearts often get drawn back, preventing them from discovering who they truly are. Virginia Degner reflects in her book how women can find their authenticity by tapping into the energy that makes them powerful.

Instead of shying away, she encourages women to connect with and be empowered by their femininity.

How Can Women Get in Touch With Their Femininity?

Movement is among the most powerful way of embracing feminine energy. It allows the body to be fluid and move organically, listening to how it desires to pause and rest amid the world’s buzz. There are plenty of ways to move outside the body’s constant working and operation in its masculine energy. For instance, dancing is an excellent way to reconnect and live in the moment. It doesn’t have to be perfect to work; as long as there’s an acceptance and expression of fluidity, it’s a step toward taking power in femininity.


When was the last time you took care of yourself?

This goes beyond feeding the body by allowing the soul and mind to enjoy. Women honor their self-identity through pampering and setting time for themselves. This doesn’t have to be expensive; a simple spa day, movie marathons, and journaling works perfectly. Against the world’s busyness and women’s contribution, they must learn to pause and fill their cups. Instead of offering their time to others, they must allot a day when quality time is for themselves alone.

Being One with Nature

Women thrive alongside mother nature. The feminine energy takes its life force from places where this natural femininity is abundant. Hence, they must take time away from buildings and relish nature’s comfort and peace. This can be anywhere, such as forests, the sea, or parks – anywhere as long as they can recharge with nature after their energy’s been depleted and consumed by the world.

Embrace and Express Emotions

Emotions can be scary, mainly when expressed with the wrong people. They can be misjudged or invalidated, where judgment typically follows. However, to embrace femininity, flow, and feeling must be valued. By opening their hearts to expression, people are letting go of rigidity and welcoming womanhood. The more they bottle emotions up for fear of being judged, the more they only honor their masculinity.

Instead, they must learn to let go and celebrate feelings as much as possible.


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