Hope’s and Doughnuts by Graham Root

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Hello, I am Graham Root,  a 21 year old plus plus plus male who lives with his daughter and one eyed pug called  Nelly in the United Kingdom. I proudly present Hope’s and Doughnuts.  This  is the first book that I have written and published. There seems so much about life that is unfair, from how we treat each other to how we live and interact on this planet.No-one has all the answers, from individuals, to groups or organization and especially me, but I do believe that the time spent on this planet could be more enriching for the many and not just the few.The book doesn’t fit into the normal genre for books, a self help book and also a world help book, a personal journey as well as a human journey, sometimes funny and sometimes sad and is as honest as I could be, warts and all. They are my thoughts and ideas about us as human beings, from what I have seen, read and debated with others. My own personal journey , but I hope some of the topics and discussions resonate with the reader. The first part is about me, my life from my early years, from the one and only time that I went on a school holiday  where we were taken to an abattoir for a day trip, to my first day at work, which was certainly an eye opener and to me enduring a prostate examination in my mid forties. The heartbreak and loss of Star, depression and my love of doughnuts.Part two is about us as Human Beings, why we became the most dominant species on this planet, how and why we act the way we do.Part three is a discussion of a better future not just for some but for all. With some changes and adjustments, a vision of a fairer place for everyone.    

                It took me 30 years to finally publish Hope’s and Doughnuts, writing 100 words then discarding 90 of them.The mental anguish and pain that writing can induce in the writer and the lack of confidence and belief in my own abilities hindered me. I started writing when I was in my mid twenties and as I evolved as a person, my ideas, knowledge and understanding changed. I  edited, formatted  and with the help of my daughter and my very basic drawing skills, succeeded in accomplishing  the artwork, front and back cover and pictures within. It was a personal project for me and although there are many people who will help you professionally , from editing, cover designs and grammar they all cost money that I didn’t have and didn’t feel that they were invested or interested in my project as much as I was and were driven by the money they could earn. So the English may not be perfect and I probably have missed loads of commas and punctuation but that proves I am human, and for my book it’s the message that is important.

                   Presently, I am writing book two.” Even monkeys fall from trees”, hopefully this won’t take 30 years. This is a continuation of Hope’s and doughnuts and is a more in depth discussion of the topics that are touched on in Hope’s and Doughnuts. I believe we all have the capability of writing a book, of expressing ourselves, whether fiction or nonfiction. Personally, I am not an avid book reader and doubted myself and my own abilities so many times I should of changed my name to Graham doubting Root but I am so pleased at the personal achievement that I attained and the pleasure you get when you receive your first copy through the post makes all the trials and tribulations worth it.


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