Highly Recommended Shamanic Healing Practices For Your Well-Being

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Our lives have been significantly altered by various large-scale events that have given us a lot of stress and negativity. Regardless of our issues, one thing is clear – we all need healing from the dark times that have wounded our souls.

Nowadays, it might seem ridiculous for some people to resort to shamanic healing practices to grow and have more opportunities. Humanity had shifted far from its origins as people, especially when formal systems and structures began to take hold of how we treat each other.

We can’t go on living every day under the same patterns that wear us down. We need to be led by a spirit that guides our way and lights up our path. Let’s allow ourselves to pay attention to each other and our planet, which is essential to achieving harmony.

And if you are not there yet, do not fret. You can still reconnect, re-identify your being, and look at what soothes your inner self. The series of world events that changed the trajectory of this harmony may have caused another considerable change, but we can still apply the following healing practices:

1 – Trace yourselves back to where you came from.

You wouldn’t know where you’re going if you didn’t return from the beginning. One of the best ways, when you feel lost, is to turn to your ancestors for guidance. They show you the way when you don’t know the best path.

The first step is to set up an altar at home, with candles and items that best represent your ancestors. It should be something that was once sacred in their hearts. Then, you may sit by the altar and start connecting with them.

One way to do it is by putting your finger on your temple’s right side and then asking any of your ancestors to come through. Don’t forget to ask for a clear image of what they look like once they finally arrive in your mind. You can also tell their arrival when you feel various sensations in your body, like their presence.

If you’ve never done this before, don’t be afraid of them because they are your source of wisdom in the darkest moments of your life.

2 – Create fun memories in a box.

Excellent healing practices don’t only involve a quiet sanctuary or calm mind. Recovery can be fun and full of laughter too. Shamans recommend that you or any friend you want to bring along create fun memories and other activities and put them on paper.

It could be learning a new language, taking art or dance classes, joining a wine-tasting event, having wholesome parties, etc., and ensuring that you put all of those feel-good memories in a box. It serves as your keepsake for healing; you can draw a paper from that box.

3 – Mend your past.

You might have encountered numerous situations which are all too familiar with the past. Those moments might be a lesson you unknowingly don’t want to learn from. It could be unfinished business with a person you need to heal from or someone you might have hurt in the past that needs healing.

It’s difficult, but facing the past and releasing the hurt may lead you to a beautiful place. Forgiveness doesn’t always mean that both sides must erase the memories of what happened. Even if they never offer back the olive branch, you help cleanse the energy within you. And that will help you move toward the path to genuine healing.

4 – Receive healing from the elements of the Earth.

The Earth is where we came from, and we must always receive her blessing and nurturing. Try lying down on the ground for 10 minutes. With your eyes wide open, recite this mantra to yourself: “Bring the highest form of healing from the Earth into me and release me from the burdening shackles that have held me down.”

It’s possible to feel that energy flowing in you, and you might even swallow, cough or yawn as you feel your body cleansing itself of all impurities.

Vital Differences: essential things you need for spiritual healing

It’s good to have different ways of coping with the things that could hurt you. Life comes with many facets, and that includes the negative. Your approach to healing will be the key to achieving harmony with your surroundings.

It would help if you had a self-help guide for inner healing to have something to turn to when you don’t have anyone around you. The healing process starts from within as it manifests in the outward aspect. You can even try wearing a mood ring to determine if you need spiritual healing. 


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