Good Night by Natalia Padilla Could Pass For A Great Movie

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There is no specific recipe for what makes a good children’s book, but there are a few ingredients that should be part of the mixture.

What makes a good children’s book? This question preoccupies many children’s book authors-to-be and also published ones. And, to be honest, this question always prevents some authors from writing a children’s book themselves. What is the recipe? What are the essential ingredients? When you consider these questions, you also often think about your favorite books when you were a little one. The fundamental elements were lots of pictures, excellent illustrations, and excellent content that your little one can relate to. Who would not love a book that would take you and your kiddos far away from home? How about a book coupled with music? Now, this sounds like a treat!

About “Good Night” And Why It Could Pass as a Motion Picture

You would be surprised that this book is written by a 12-year-old who also happens to be a Songwriter. Natalia, being a pianist, composer, art illustrator, and author, knows how to make her unique artwork from the book come to life. She incorporates her writing with her music in “Good Night,” which happens to be her debut song. Reading and music are the keys to opening up a child’s mind, being content in oneself, and opening up every child’s natural creativity. Good Night by Natalia Padilla will help a child learn by reading this fascinating story about a young girl’s day and night activities with her family and friends. It also teaches kids (and adults too!) that even a single tiny seed, or even one small child, can make a significant difference in this world.

Now, one might think that the whole atmosphere of the story is somehow gloomy and tranquil since the phrase “good night” is typically associated with sleeping, darkness, heavenly bodies, and more. But, the content of the book is surprisingly bright and lively. The colors of the illustrations and the font style increased the total impact of this book.

“Good Night” would have your kids wondering what Natalia’s adventures would look like in real life. The gentle pacing of the book leads readers through the multifaceted day-to-day story of Natalia, allowing them to take in the beautiful scenery along the way. With its beautiful illustration (which becomes an animation) and a piece of lovely background music (which becomes the soundtrack), this excellent picture book can pass on as a motion picture, perfect for family movie night, classroom activities, and read-aloud sessions!

And as people say, a good children’s book also draws children into the story, asks them questions, and lends itself to the discussion. A good children’s book is one that children genuinely enjoy while gaining some understanding of the world. “Good Night” is one for the grab!

Who is Natalia Padilla?

Natalia Padilla is the daughter of author and Christian black-belt martial artist John Padilla. A talented and humorous good girl of 12 years old who was nine years old when she wrote the “Good Night” book. She loves and enjoys playing the piano. She won the California National Piano Playing Auditions in 2015. Natalia is also a songwriter; the first song she composed is also titled Good Night. Further, Natalia also enjoys reading fantasy and history books. However, she enjoys drawing and skillfully painting people or animals in daily life. 

On the other hand, Natalia enjoys making stories when writing. Her playing time with family and friends putting puzzles together is very relaxing to her as she humorously laughs. Mainly, she enjoys making people laugh and smile.

To know more about Natalia’s Arts and Books, check out her website!


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