Gods of Athenia by Sam Wright

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Gods of Athenia: Book of Souls is the first of a four book series. It is a story about a demon created by a fallen god that’s seeking to secure its unchallenged immortality by eliminating any possible threat to his power. On one of the planets his empire invades they encounter four beings each with a unique power that have been brought together by more than just fate. These four are seen as a possible threat to the demon’s dominance over the galaxy and the story is about the coming together and journey of these four individuals.

I often get asked what inspired me to write and in fairness I began as an artist illustrating the story in a comic book format. However after reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a few of the Harry Potter books I was inspired to become a writer and decided to write the story instead of illustrating it. I took a creative writing night course to learn how to write and my Target audience are young teenagers to adults of all ages. If you are a sci-fi/fantasy or a fan of Anime you will really enjoy this book. I also am often asked was it difficult to write a book and to that it really can be if you are not committed, you have to have commitment or you would will it difficult to complete.

What I hope readers will get from the book firstly is excitement. I see this book as the reader reading an edge of your seat action movie! My book is all about excitement, from the first page to the last! As it is the first of a series there will be a few unanswered questions that will later be revealed in the second book.

My future goal is to be a full-time writer and although that is no easy thing to become, it’s my ultimate dream! To wake up and write everyday instead of being a salesman would mean the world to me. I try to write whenever I get free time but because I work full time and have a family it can be difficult sometimes to have the time alone to write. I also hope to have my novels illustrated by a professional in graphic novel format.

I would like to finish with telling you a little bit about me. I began writing back in 2003 after taking a writing course and began the first draft of God’s of Athenia back in October 2003. During this time I worked at a Sainsbury’s supermarket and would write all my idea’s on till roll. When my shifts came to an end my pockets were always filled with till roll paper. Every day there would be new idea’s, scenes and characters written down on my till paper. From 2003 to 2019 I had completely re-written the first book of the series four times and even had a four year break from writing in-between that period.

As a person I am a massive Lord of the Rings Trilogy fan and I think they are the greatest movies ever made. I am also fan of the Matrix trilogy, original Star Wars Trilogy, the My Hero Academia, Dragonball Z series and most 80’s pop culture. Today I prefer Anime & Manga over any media produced today because I find the work of the Japanese to be most inspiring and exciting.

Gods of Athenia: Book of Souls, is the first of a 4 book story Ark. I have finished the second instalment and I have been writing the third instalment since 2020 and I would like to say that I’m making good progress. 



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