Genesis: Nubia Wonder woman of Tartarus Gate by Amber Lee Otto

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In today’s climate as well as in the past, our nation has been built on educating its people about SOME of the events that occurred throughout history but not ALL. There were many a great,skilled, and talented people of many diverse backgrounds who contributed to the foundations of today’s society. Due to failed accreditation to all who worked so hard and even gave their lives to see that we have the opportunities we have today, it has formed a very apparent tension and divide amongst our world.

This same concept can be said in regards to this most recent superhero novel I wrote. Nubia’s character although fiction as she may be, was one that was created back in 1973, but was never brought to the forefront of the reader’s imagination. Those who preceded her but were created around the same time (Wonder Woman, Super girl, Superman etc.) became not just famous within readers hearts and minds, but made positive impacts in their own rights to the enthusiasts who looked up to them. That’s because they were promoted, given platforms by the authors that breathed life into them, and made appearances not just in comic book continuum, but eventually made their way to the green screen.

I had previously researched the reasoning behind why Nubia didn’t get this same clout. This was all due to the times in which she was created, which was Vietnam. During such a politically sensitive and uncivil time, the nation was not ready for a superhero that looked like Nubia, let alone everyday people who resembled her.

I am a firm believer that ANYONE can make a change or a difference in the world, or in the lives of people if they so choose to. It is one’s character that should be judged and not the color of their skin or what they appear like. I believe this to be the same for Nubia.

Myself being an African American woman, (Also a singer songwriter and author of two previously self-published children’s books) l felt a sense of responsibility with my creativity to give Nubia more of a presence and full backstory. I was drawn to doing so, so that she too could take her rightful place next to Diana her twin sister, be a part of the heroine history as she rightfully deserves, and could make a difference in the world in her own way by finding and accepting who she is.

The book was entitled Genesis for this very reason since this is her true beginning and invites readers to delve into who Diana’s twin sister really is. It journeys through Nubia’s creation, how she became separated from her sister and mother and what her upbringing was like throughout several different milestones and experiences within her life. She eventually finds that a deep seeded secret has been looming over her and her origins through the whole duration of her existence.

Throughout the book she goes to any and every length to piece together the truth to fill the void that has been within her for so long. It gives a very relatable “tug-of-war” battle she fights within herself in determining which person she is going to ultimately decide to be when processing what she thought was true about herself vs. what is.

My goal is for readers to pick up this novel and love it as much as I did writing it, and embrace Nubia’s character the way they do Diana. She is after all a mere reflection of her, just African American, but no doubt just as strong and courageous as her. It would be amazing to even one day see Genesis catapulted enough to be on the green screen, but just to have the story out now feels good too.

I hope that reader’s magnet will help Nubia in getting her own beginning and reach a diverse target audience as her story was written for every and anyone. I hope that reader’s will adopt the same legacy that she stands for which is ANYONE can be great and make a difference if they so choose to when they never give up on themselves or others. And remember there is more than one way a person can look when saving the world, but more importantly the heart of a man or woman when doing so is what really counts.

Enjoy everyone and the hardcover copy as well as the paperback edition can be purchased on Amazon today.


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