From Pennies to Millions by Mark Kaley

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Written during the 2020 lockdown, From Pennies to Millions is based on the true story of Big Apple Consulting USA and its clientele, including Cyberkey Solutions, Cyberkey’s chief executive officer Jim Plant, Homeland Integrated Security and Plasticon. It was written to appeal to fans of the Wolf of Wall Street, Showtime’s Billions or CNBC’s American Greed. Coincidentally, the book is more prevalent now with talks of naked shorting or synthetic shares as a result of the current state of stock market and small time investors banding together in stocks like AMC or GameStop — the “stock meme” craze.

From Pennies to Millions tells the story of how a former Florida theme park worker, a former pool cleaner and a former New York attorney rose to dominance on the coattails of a tracking device, a piece of plastic rebar and a biometric thumb drive in a lesser known industry where the honest businessmen were outnumbered by swindlers, cheats and charlatans, looking to game a system where the rules were often more gray than black and white, to become one of the preeminent consulting firms for small publicly traded companies. Providing an insider look at the investor relations industry and small cap market fraud, these penny stock mavericks, who never became wolves on Wall Street while arguably the Gordon Gecko’s of Pink Sheets, an unregulated quotation service and market for the trading of sub penny and penny stocks, learned that business partnerships built on friendships and family loyalty can be both the key to success and a recipe for failure when clients are less than honorable.

At its heart the story is a cautionary tale about greed and how the desire for money shapes the decisions we make. Do we turn a blind eye to less than honorable actions in the pursuit of greater wealth? What is right and what is wrong? Who knew what and when? In the end, if you generate millions from a seedy underbelly, the government regulators want to know how and the slightest bit of impropriety leads to questions.  Sometimes even the government is wrong, but you need to respectfully challenge that authority.

On a personal level, maybe the writing spark kicked in as a need for closure during a time when people in general had too much time on their hands.  Rather than watch Tiger King, I was busy pounding keys on a laptop crafting a story that I hoped would entertain the reader with an interesting cast of characters and a story that keeps the pages turning. I never intended the book to be a literary masterpiece, and find the story more akin to Jordan Belfort’s style.  So much so that as a started thinking of marketing ideas, I sent him a copy of the book.  Even though, I am still waiting to hear his thoughts, I am extremely proud of the book and hope From Pennies to Millions engages a wide market of readers.

If even one person takes away a lesson of being more assertive, of questioning authority, or of looking for singles rather than home runs, then I have been successful. Success is not defined by money in the bank or the most likes on Facebook, success is finding inner peace and contentment with an appreciation for all that one has rather than what he or she wants.

Friends and family know me as the eternal optimist and glass is half full individual. After working as a television producer for Cablevision on Long Island, I obtained a law degree and parlayed that success to a life changing move, with my wife and child, from the Northeast to the Sunshine State. Helping small businesses grow and succeed was always a rewarding experience, but while working with Big Apple Consulting USA it became a passion. Friends and family who read the first copies asked me why did I write this? Why share this story? The answer is simple — it defines me and it is who I am.

I want to thank Authors’ Lounge for this opportunity. To learn more about me or to order your copy of From Pennies to Millions in either paperback or the kindle version you can visit my website or go directly with this Amazon link.

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