Forbidden Love and Sexual Awakenings

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Hi there! This is Laelia Starla, author of steamy romance and thrilling fantasies, as well as forbidden love and sexual awakenings. Thank you to the Authors’ Lounge for inviting me to post and showcase my latest book release. I am an independent, self-published author. When I started writing my debut novel (I Heart Mr. Collins) in 2018, the story first came to me in a series of dreams.

I was part way through my second university degree at the time (commerce accounting—in case you were wondering), but when I discovered my passion for writing was more than just a passing phase, I ceased my studies and became a fulltime author. I can’t believe it took me this long to work it out! English was my favourite subject in school and I was always an avid fiction reader.

Tell Us More About the Themes of Your Book

Excuse me a moment while I pop up onto my preacher’s podium. I acknowledge that the taboo themes of this book will be difficult for a lot of readers to handle, but I hope that some will come to appreciate my underlying message. Why should the love between consenting adults be forbidden if it does not harm others?

What these people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is no one else’s business. The approach that I have taken to convey this message is to present a story that immerses you in the lives of a young couple who are struggling with their desires for each other – desires that are against the law in the country where they live.

But I have also provided a parallel plot by introducing Sophie’s best friend, Dominic who is trying to come to terms with his own sexuality. While Dominic’s budding relationship is more socially acceptable today, there was a time when homosexuality was outlawed throughout most of the world. There is still a lot of prejudice towards the LGBTQ+ community and you will see a heartbreaking example of this in my book.

What Does From Prying Eyes Promises to Deliver?

That said, I promise that From Prying Eyes will be an enthralling story of passion and intrigue, forbidden love and sexual awakenings, delivering you entertainment value, and it may even arouse you at times. While it is not my primary intention to titillate my readers (I don’t write erotica), I don’t hold back when it comes to the intimate moments.

I like to write steamy scenes that are raw and ring true, embracing the full spectrum of human emotion. I am also a big believer in the value of building tension through a slow burn romance because that makes the climax so much more enjoyable.

This is the second Phoebe Braddock Book and I have a third on the way, due for release in August 2021. Keep an eye out of for Crystal’s Crucible, a suspense filled forbidden romance involving a young chemistry graduate and her new boss.

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