Five Science-Backed Books About Spirituality

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Science-backed books about spirituality have a high vibration that drives readers to a greater way of living. It is more than just reading, it is studying. Reading narratives and absorbing their teachings feeds your mind with knowledge and energy in life. Here are five book recommendations from ReadersMagnet:

Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman

Published in 2006, Learned Optimism is a profound and practical even valuable book for every phase of life. This provides generous advice on encouraging readers on having optimistic behavior in school, work, and children. Dr. Seligman, the father of the new science of positive psychology and author of Authentic Happiness, wrote this book that is drawn from his clinical research for more than twenty years to demonstrate how an optimistic behavior boosts the quality of life. Furthermore, he provides insights on how anyone can learn to practice this. Dr. Seligman offers readers plenty of simple techniques to break the habit of giving up. The development of a more constructive explanatory style for a person’s behavior and the benefits of positive behavior is presented in this book for personal improvement. 

The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden takes readers of The Divine Matrix on an extraordinary journey to bridging science, spirituality, and miracles. He provides insights on how differently a person will live once he knew how to use the power of knowledge every day of his life. In the years between 1993 and 2000, there was a series of groundbreaking experiments that exposes pieces of evidence of an energy that bridges everything in humanity and the world. This force links all of the creation together. This evidence found demonstrates that each person holds the power to create joy, bring peace, and heal suffering. 

From Science To Spirituality by Neil C. Griffen

Published in 2010, From Science To Spirituality are for religious seekers and skeptics to enlighten the compatibility of science and spirituality. Griffen provides an explanation of the importance of embracing science and spirituality and see them as one instead of two different facets. He emphasizes how science and spirituality can answer the many questions of humanity. He argues that the aforementioned are major sources of knowledge that will help people live their lives to the fullest. The book will take readers on a journey to discovering the connections between the two. Hence, challenging the preconceived beliefs of readers. This book will remind readers of the significance of scientific methods, fundamental laws, and the study of branches of science. 

Spiritual Science by Steve Taylor

Author Steve Taylor, through this book, presents evidences of spiritual views of reality drawn from the insights of philosophers, physicists, spiritual traditions, and indigenous cultures. Spiritual Science will offer another alternative way of interpreting the world. This method is the spiritual view of reality that cuts across conventional science and religion. Taylor highlights how this third alternative answers the many riddles that either two ways cannot answer or explain. He provides a ‘panspiritists’ view on the many aspects of science and the world to make sense of everything. The book provides a fresh and brighter vision of the world as sacred and interconnected that is congruent to spiritual teachings and modern science. This provides an explanation of the standard model of reality that is developed and turned into a belief system. 

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Published in 2014, The Power of Habit is written by award-winning reporter Charles Duhigg. His book teaches readers to build better habits that will greatly serve readers in life and business. Duhigg provides readers an exhilarating argument regarding habits. He provides scientific discoveries to better explain the existence of habits and how these can be altered. The book will provide readers a whole new and fresh understanding of human nature and its many potentials. He emphasized in the book, that by using this new science, transformation in business, communities, and human lives will occur. 


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