Five Outdoor Adventure Books You Should Read This May 2021

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ReadersMagnet recommends these five awesome outdoor adventure reads for May 2021.

Lands of Lost Borders by Kate Harris

All great outdoor adventures begin with a dream, a longing to explore unchartered territories. For Kate Harris, the Earth had long been mapped out by great explorers like Marco Polo and Magellan, so she foregoes her childhood dream of becoming a generalist explorer and set herself to becoming a scientist and someday go to Mars. However, before she would take steps to do so, she decided to embark on a journey down a short section of the famous Silk Road. The Silk Road is one of the ancient trade routes that linked the Western world with the Middle East and Asia. Together with her childhood friend Mel Yule, Kate biked across Asia and various terrains for over a year. Their adventure is chronicled in the book Lands of Lost Borders: Out of Bounds on the Silk Road.

World of Hunting and Fishing by Mike Honeycutt

Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing is the complete title of Mike Honeycutt’s 2018 adventure book and memoir. World of Hunting and Fishing features Mike Honeycutt’s extensive travel experiences covering all seven continents of the world. Mike Honeycutt takes his readers to the jungles of southern Cameroon, the savannas of North Cameroon, and the remote mountain regions of New Zealand to bird hunting in Argentina and Turkey. The book also includes an exciting outdoor adventure of Mike Honeycutt in the Himalayas. He invites us to experience what it’s like to search for the elusive Gobi Argali Sheep somewhere in Mongolia. Honeycutt’s travelogue offers a front-row seat to every flight, snowmobile, boat, and horse rides, as well as long jeep and pick-up trucks adventures to majestic destinations and amazing local communities. The books also include Exciting Outdoor Adventure of Mike Honeycutt in the Himalayas.

A Girl’s Guide to the Wild by Ruby McConell

Published in 2019, the adventure book A Girl’s Guide to the Wild by Ruby McConell is a definitive guide for young girls (ages 9-12) who want to explore the great outdoors. Though the book is certainly not exclusive for girls (it is for everyone who dreams of discovering nature), it emphasizes women adventurers, climbers, and outdoorswomen as inspiration for young girls. The book features Arunima Sinha’s first amputee woman to summit Mount Everest; Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts; and Libby Riddles, the first woman to win the Iditarod. But more importantly, Ruby McConell teaches readers basic outdoor skills, easy camping recipes, outdoor projects including science experiments and crafts, and fun activity suggestions. It is a remarkable book that every young camper should have.

The Tent, The Bucket & Me by Emma Kennedy

Not all great adventures are serene or grand. Some are just plain silly and hilarious. Emma Kennedy’s 2009 adventure book and a memoir, The Tent, The Bucket & Me, is all about that. In this wonderful pleasant read, Emma Kennedy recalls her 70s childhood and the numerous family adventures that shape her personality. For the Kennedys, summer holidays trips abroad or the grand experience of a Tuscan villa. They meant being crammed into a car with Grandma and heading to the coast with just a tent for a home and a bucket for the necessities. The summer holidays were simple, and yet they were all unforgettable. The Tent, The Bucket & Me by Emma Kennedy is a well-written adventure book that reminds us that it’s the company that genuinely matters despite a humble getaway. The book is now the inspiration for the major BBC series The Kennedys

Beyond the Trees by Adam Shoalts

Canada hosts one of the greatest yet unforgiving wildernesses in the whole of America. In 2017 bestselling author and adventurer Adam Shoalts set off on a solo adventure across North America’s wilderness starting in Eagle Plains, Yukon Territory, all the way to his destination- Baker Lake, Nunavut. The 2019 memoir Beyond the Trees chronicles Adam Shoalts’s adventures, including the harsh conditions of shifting ice floes, swollen rivers, fog-bound lakes, gale-force storms, fields of jagged rocks, swamps tormented by clouds of mosquitoes, and the race against time. Canada’s outdoors has been the place for many great dares, but Shoalts’s odyssey is simply out of this world, even for professional outdoors people. The fact that he is doing it alone is truly a rare feat and Reading Beyond the Trees is both thrilling and inspiring.

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