Five Books to Help You Learn New Things This April

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Here are five interesting books to introduce you to new hobbies and interests this April.

Being stuck at home is not always that bad. Staying at home means opportunities to learn new things and discover new interests. Here are five exciting books that will definitely help you learn new things this coming month.

Woodworking Basics by Peter Korn

One of the hobbies you can start while staying at home is carpentry or woodworking. Fixing furniture or creating a mini cabinet can be fun and fulfilling. However, you need a good book to get you started. Woodworking Basics by Peter Korn offers a unique approach to learning carpentry that hundreds of people found to be very effective. With this book, you can learn the right techniques right from the start. The book features two exciting and functional projects- a small bench and a side table with a door and drawerWoodworking Basics by Peter Korn provides valuable lessons in the safe use of woodworking machinery, correct use of hand tools, milling a board four-square, cutting a mortise-and-tenon joint, and cutting dovetails.

Frustrations with Math by Jeremiah Ortner

Math is perhaps one of the most dreaded subjects in school. Many students perform poorly in solving algebra and other math problems. But learning math is not that impossible or tiresome if you have the correct guidebook to see you through. Jeremiah Orthet, a Math and author of the book Frustrations with Math, aims to help students understand Math easily. He has published several math guidebooks for basic and advance Algebra and Mathematics. Fundamentals Of Math Book 2 Algebra 1 by Jerry Ortner provides simpler instructions. While Math cannot be a hobby for many, being quarantined at home is certainly a great opportunity to learn or relearn mathematics. Jeremiah Ortner’s books can certainly be of great help.

How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food is the complete title of Mark Bittman’s wonderful cookbook for those who are interested to learn how to prepare basic and simple meals. Bittman believes in the principle that ‘everyone can cook, and most everyone should. On that premise alone, renowned chef Mark Bittman introduces us to many mouth-watering yet easy to prepare foods. With recipes for all occasions as well as special dishes that we never knew were easy to prepare, Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything takes us on a magical culinary journey like never before. For food lovers and for those who are learning the ways of the kitchen, How to Cook Everything is a must-have in your cookbook collection.

Paint Lab for Kids by Stephanie Corfee

It’s impossible not to include art or painting on our list of interesting new hobbies. Painting is one of the common activities for kids at school, and now you get to learn this while spending time at home. Paint Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Painting and Mixed Media for Budding Artists of All Ages by Stephanie Corfee is not your typical art book. Corfee designed these art exercises to be kid-friendly and with a step-by-step guide through each project. These projects are aimed to stimulate new ideas, explore color, combine materials in interesting ways, and encourage self-expression. A famous artwork/artist inspires each project. Paint Lab for Kids is educational and promises to provide a good bonding time for you and your kids.

Vertical Gardening by Derek Fell

Last but certainly not least on our list is a book about basic gardening. The pandemic certainly has made us more aware of our backyards and front yards and the many opportunities we can work on them. The number of people interested in plants, flowers, and vegetables has increased this past year. Derek Fell’s Vertical Gardening: Grow Up, Not Out, for More Vegetables and Flowers in Much Less Space is the perfect company to starting your own garden at home. The book offers a fresh perspective and new things to try in terms of making your own home garden. Filled with new strategies, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) exercises, and tips for a good harvest and increase yields, Derek Fell’s amazing guidebook is not only fun but fulfilling too.


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