The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5: Book Readings and Bookstore

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The Festival of Storytellers offers authors various opportunities to showcase their talents and more space to express themselves, such as through book readings.

Book fairs have gradually become a pillar that supports the integrity of the book industry. These events have paved the way for literary enthusiasts to convene for the development and celebration of literature. These are also pivotal moments for professionals to benefit more from the field.

Through years of seeking more opportunities to improve literature, countless book fairs have emerged geared toward commemorating authors and individuals alike.

ReadersMagnet’s Contribution To This Cause

As a company built with the vision of becoming authors’ right hand, ReadersMagnet never lacks initiatives that fulfill their role. Since its conception, the company has continuously developed enterprises that support the growth of authors under its wing. From its book readings to organizing book fairs of its own, ReadersMagnet doesn’t disappoint in building its authors’ reputation.

The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS) is among the many opportunities the self-publishing and marketing company has initiated.

As a means to address the need for authors’ promotions despite the pandemic in 2020, TFOS is a virtual book fair unlike any other. It provided a tool for writers, readers, and thought leaders to connect and do book readings without risking their health by going out. Through the internet, attendees can reap the benefits of a typical book fair and more.

The platform invites authors to engage in its activities, such as interviews and book readings. These are designed to gather viewers who can be turned into potential readers willing to purchase their books.

In its fifth segment, The Festival of Storytellers will run from January 22 to February 4, 2024. With TFOS happening, authors and other literary contributors will have more avenues to be appreciated and share their triumphs.

What Happens During The Festival of Storytellers?

Despite being years since its establishment, The Festival of Storytellers continues to develop and incorporate activities that improve its cause. Since its first installment, the book fair has been molded to better cater to ReadersMagnet’s clientele.

For its fifth chapter, here are the activities attendees and viewers can anticipate.

Author Interviews

Authors attending The Festival of Storytellers can have the opportunity to talk about their books in depth and the journey they took while writing them. They’re given minutes to an hour of air time to share their stories and the message or advocacy weaved in their books. Interviewers are tasked to ask for consequential information that will entice viewers to purchase their products.

In the time given to them, authors are free to say or do anything they believe will help them promote their book and themselves. They can stick to answering the questions or volunteer to initiate short book readings to invite readers.

Book Readings

Aside from the short time during author interviews, authors can also have another segment dedicated to book readings. Authors like Annette K. Mazzone, Sheelah E. Colhoun, Carl Johnoff, and many others are among the individuals who have grabbed the opportunity as guests in The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5.

Through these book readings, authors can choose a specific part in their books that they believe will raise the viewers’ intrigue and interest. By reading these portions aloud, they invite attendees to check their books out and purchase them if they’re moved or engrossed enough.

Online Bookstore

Throughout the event, ReadersMagnet has its RM Bookstore running in the background. If viewers purchase a book directly after hearing about it from the interviews and readings, they can instantly check it out. This online bookstore makes picking the next book to read easy and quick. Through ReadersMagnet’s bookstore, readers can browse through its clientele’s rich selection of titles with a simple click and scroll of a button. It provides convenience and accessibility, all geared toward improving its user experience.

The Festival of Storytellers provides various opportunities for ReadersMagnet’s authors. It has become a stable avenue for them to promote and earn numerous benefits from the comfort of their homes. If you’re an author interested in improving your reputation without spending much and exerting exhaustive efforts, register for TFOS 5 now!


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