Featured Book: Twist of Fate by Anita R. Fisk

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Escaping the clutches of human trafficking is nearly impossible, yet Sunny Gardner is determined to break free and find her way back home.

Recently, not too many suspense thriller deals with the subject of human trafficking. Anita R. Fisk is the author of two novels dealing with the subject. ReadersMagnet takes a close look at one of her books, Twist of Fate.

Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate is Anita R. Fisk’s second book. It tells the story of Sunny Gardner, a young girl escaping from her captors. Sunny was kidnapped by men who are involved in human trafficking. Gardner’s character is first introduced in Fisk’s first book, Unintended Sacrifices. The book is all about the Morgan family, who find themselves trapped with criminals who are involved in kidnapping, murder, and human trafficking. Twist of Fate focuses on Sunny Gardner’s escape and the encounters she made on her way to finally being free from the clutches of human trafficking. Much like Unintended Sacrifices, Twist of Fate deals with the horrors of abduction and human trafficking. However, Twist of Fate offers more suspense as readers zero in on the main character, Sunny Gardner as he tries to outrun and outwit his kidnappers.

In a radio interview with Ric Bratton, Anita R. Fisk briefly discussed the character of Sunny Gardner,

Sunny is a victim of circumstances and so when she was swept into the world of human trafficking, she is a fighter…So at the end of the story, she understands that what she’s been through has been significant and will remain a big part of her, for the rest of life. Sunny comes to life as a teenager who becomes a victim of circumstances, who struggles for three years to take control of her life. And she does in Twist of Fate.”

Filled with suspense and fast-paced storytelling, Twist of Fate is a great read from start to finish. Although we highly recommend that readers also read the first boo, Unintended Sacrifices to further appreciate the thriller that Fisk’s second book has to offer.

Other Works

Unintended Sacrifices

In 2012, Anita Fisk published one of her stirring suspense novels entitled Unintended Sacrifices. Its story revolves around the Morgan family who would soon find themselves trapped in a whirlwind of criminal activities such as abduction, murder, and human trafficking following summer vacation. 

Shadows of Secrets

This is the third book by Anita Fisk and it’s a slight departure from her first two novels. The books still carry the signature Fisk suspense but this time the story deals with romantic obsession, murder, and dark schemes.

The Healing Bowl

The Healing Bowl: A Harley & Friends Adventure is an adventure novel for young adults. Absorbed into Einstein’s fluidity of time theory, Harley and his friends must face one challenge after another with two unlikely but significant companions, the crow of Apollo and the owl of Athena. The Healing Bowl is Anita Fisk’s fourth book.

About the Author

Anita Fisk is currently a retired educator living in rural Nevada. For over 40 years, she has taught language arts classes for middle school through college from rural Nevada to inner-city Las Vegas, as well as serving as a public school administrator and writing consultant. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Nevada Teacher of the Year, Christa McAuliffe Award, and the Milken Family Foundation Educator Award. She is also the author of “Shadows of Secrets,” “Unintended Sacrifices,” and “Twist of Fate.”


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