Featured Article: Winning Against Pain and Suffering

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Going through bereavement is not something anyone would look forward to, especially if the loss involves the death of someone to whom a person is very close. The feeling of grief is a natural reaction a person feels when going through bereavement. Grief is probably the most acute pain a person goes through. The pain and suffering from the loss are so unbearable for the bereaved person that life seems to lose its color and meaning. That kind of grief motivated Author, Speaker, and Grief and Life Transformation Coach Vonne Solis to talk about her experience of pain and suffering on losing her daughter to suicide in her book, Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter.

 It takes a lot of courage for the author to relive every moment of going through the trauma of child loss, more so aiming to inspire, motivate and give hope for other parents or families going through the same situation. Vonne managed to effectively relate her experience, the raw feeling of pain from the loss and fear of the future, and exquisitely wrote words that spells of hope and happiness after the grief.

The book talks about how the author went through it all: the bitterness, the anger, the fear, the denial, and the eventual acceptance that led her to make a commitment to share her experience with the aim of helping others who are going through the same situation. She is a classic example of what it means to turn pain into strength. 

People react to grief in many different ways. To some, grieving is that overwhelming sadness and constant crying. To others, it can be in a state of numbness and shock. Then there are also others who felt guilt and anger towards the loss. Grieving is unique and personal to a person who experienced loss. The healing process is something that would also vary from person to person. 

How to start the healing process from grief? A person, first of all, needs to understand that to heal, isolation or being isolated is NOT the right way. As cliche as it sounds, no man is an island. To survive, man always needs the help of others. So as it is with the healing process. To start the healing process, the bereaved person should, first of all, reach out to others. Reach out to family and friends, reach out to peers, reach out to support groups. Talking is the simplest and easiest way to start the healing process. But if the person needs further aid in healing, help is always available whenever they seek it. The Vonne Solís Learning Center, founded by the author, is one of the many support groups offering help and support to anyone who has suffered a terrible loss. 

Turning to faith is also another way of healing. A person’s religious upbringing and support community can help someone grieving. Each different religion has its traditions and practices when dealing with pain and sadness brought about by loss. Some have meditation practices, others have mourning rituals, while others have prayers that they turn to. Praying in most religions is one of the effective ways of healing, especially when others join the bereaved in praying. 

Loss and grief should not be the end of the road. Bereaved people have to go through a lot of processes if they’re ever to survive the suffering from losing a loved one. Vonne Solis has proved that it is not at all impossible to do, that it is possible to come out from the pain and sorrow and arrive at a point where being happy is a certainty.

Find out more about how to win against the pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one through Vonne Solis’ book, Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter. Grab a copy of her book on Amazon or visit her website, and learn more about the support programs she offers at courses.vonnesolis.com, goodgriever.com, and Living Meditations on YouTube.


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