Featured Article: The Beauty Taking Care of an Elderly Loved One

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The wonderful journey of caring for a loved one, especially a senior, is always an enlightening experience.

In the United States, about 39.5 million people are over 65 years old. Among them are 5.6 million people above the age of eighty-five. Many of them are in nursing homes or in the care of institutions for seniors. In contrast, the set-up is convenient for families, especially those whose family members are all working. Since work and employment are priorities, the care of elderly loved ones is left to professional caregivers who are not at all related to the patient. But some families choose to care for their senior loved ones and assist them in their journey towards old age. The wonderful journey of caring for a loved one is an experience that changes the family caregiver. In the book One Caregiver’s Journey by Eleanor Gaccetta, she shares how caring for her mom transformed her, and many ways made her a better person.

Caring for a senior loved one gives us a chance to know more about our loved ones and celebrate their life daily.

The current life expectancy worldwide is 70 years old for men and 75 years old for women. To care for an elderly loved one is a rare opportunity for every family caregiver to get a glimpse of a life journey filled with blessings, lessons, experiences, and adventures we may never experience. Merely talking to an elderly loved one for a few hours daily is like leafing through the pages of history. The stories they tell and the memories they share are sure to inspire us.

Elderly people are rich in experience, and the lessons they impart during the time you spend with them are priceless. But that is not the only reason caring for an elderly loved one is a beautiful experience.

Being with older people helps you develop empathy towards seniors and all other human beings. You will realize that we are all humans, capable of failing, shortcomings, weaknesses, and exhaustion. You also get a glimpse of your own weaknesses, and in a way, seeing them daily equips you with a sense of understanding of how you will deal with yourself when the time comes. Even coping with challenging elderly loved ones has its own benefits.

Spending time with older loved ones will help you grow patience, develop understanding, and teach you how to deal with difficulties you will encounter as you grow older.

You will learn many virtues as you interact with your elderly loved one. These virtues will not only arm you in the future but also make you feel like a whole person. The old have wisdom that often escapes us. By taking care of our elderly loved ones, we have the opportunity to embrace these virtues early in life.

Lastly, taking care of your beloved elderly is a way to thank them. Whether they are your parents, aunts, uncles, close relative, or elderly loved ones, they certainly have become a part of your life. They are a part of who you are and who you will become.  To spend time with an elderly relative is a glimpse into your past and certainly your future.

Eleanor Gaccetta ceased a 40 year professional career to care for her elderly mother, who suffered a broken hip at age 93. She became the sole family caregiver until her mom’s death at age 102. The book One Caregivers Journey is a heartwarming chronicle of her wonderful journey of caring for a loved one. It is a snapshot into the realities of the changes and challenges of being a caregiver.  She has another book entitled Generations of Good, a recipe book celebrating traditional family recipes. If you want to know more about her works, check out her website www.caregiversjourney.com today!


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