Feature Article: Why Respecting Elders is Essential

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Equality has become the norm and standard in most modern cultures. They say there shouldn’t be any standard and that everyone must be treated equally regardless of age, gender, or status in life. This ideology may be fair but shouldn’t be applied in all cases. Respecting elders is still essential.

Nowadays, youngsters engage in conversation with seniors devoid of tact when they should be extra caring and compassionate.

Respecting elders can be traced back to humanity’s history. They held the highest esteem in society for their wisdom and insight. In most previous societies’ decisions, their elders would always say the final words. Their wisdom and knowledge far surpassed the ideals of many. Usually, it’s the Eastern cultures that would observe this.

Now that Western culture is taking over, there is a need to realize the benefits of respecting elders, especially our children.

To be more empathetic.

Interacting with grandpa and grandma takes a lot of patience since their senses aren’t as sharp as when they were young. It takes extra effort to make them understand simple instructions. Also, they become more sensitive as they age, so it’s best to be careful with words. They know this and may get frustrated themselves. It takes an open mind and heart to understand what they are going through sincerely.

To teach good manners early.

One must be able to blend well in society to survive. Have the kids read a book about respectful relationships on The Poppies on the Hill or other literary pieces about good etiquette. It will enhance a child’s interaction skills and help them learn good breeding early on in life. When that happens, that child develops to become a more well-rounded individual, ready to take on the world’s challenges. A person who isn’t taught proper conduct suffers in their careers, as it would be hard for them to maintain their jobs.

Respecting elders fosters well-being.

The child grows into a confident adult since their emotional needs are cultivated in their younger years. It is also beneficial to their mental health. Being grounded helps one appreciate the simple things in life, and they become less stressed and not easily agitated.

How is respecting elders shown? It’s not as complex as one may think. Here are the ways to do it.

Help them with their medication.

As people age, they become forgetful and need assistance from the young ones. Make them feel safe and taken care of. 

Greet them daily.

Grandma and Grandpa need a little attention and appreciation. It doesn’t have to be exaggerated; the simpler, the better.

Never interrupt, but if it’s needed, do it politely.

If others feel disrespected by being abruptly interrupted, all the more the elderly. Current society considers it a regular occurrence, but it’s not how the previous culture works.

Be willing to help.

It can be as simple as helping them up the chair or walking with them to the nearest stall. Their bodies are a bit fragile and not as robust as when they were young.

Seek their advice.

Seniors have been there and done that. They’ve seen the world from how things began, including the changes. The wisdom that they carry is of great help to everyone around them. It will also make them feel good about themselves and not feel worthless.

Be eager to listen to their stories.

Grandparents have a lot to share about their lives. Even if they say the same thing repeatedly, they have that yearning attitude. Seeing so much appreciation from their loved ones would melt their hearts quickly.


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