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Adoption is a tough decision to make. It is not only because of the immense amount of responsibility they may have but also because of how tedious a process is. Books like a story of a soon to be widowed father tell people how beautiful it is to be a parent, encouraging people to want to go into parenthood. People go through so many hoops to adopt a child most of the time. If adoption is something you want to do, it really must be something you like and are willing to work for. Here are some reasons why people usually adopt a child:

1. Infertility Issues

Many people want to have a family but cannot because of fertility issues. This is usually one of the most common reasons people go into adoption. Statistically, 33% or a third of the time, there are issues with the mother, another third going to issues with the father, and the final third for unknown reasons. 

Either way, medical complications are one of the many reasons people want to adopt. Most of the time, people here are already mentally and financially prepared for a family but cannot do so due to fertility issues.

2. Helps a Friend or Relative

Sometimes, people know of a pregnant woman who does not want to abort their baby and does not want to or have the means to raise a child. Because of this, their relatives would want to help them out and adopt or take care of their children for them.

Under this are also people close to the child’s parents but because of unfortunate circumstances like being sent to jail or passing away. Since they know the child’s parents and want to help their children out, most of them would step in and want to adopt the child to avoid being in foster care.

3. Single Parents

When a person wants to start a family, most will opt to adopt even if they do not have a romantic relationship with anyone. Instead of going through numerous fertility tests and treatments for a biological child, they would prefer to adopt children since a genetic connection may not always be necessary to start a family.

4. Genetic Disorders

Because of the study of genetics and inheritance, many can already identify the cause of many illnesses and diseases people may have. Some diseases have been proven to be passed on from generation to generation. This results in some parents not wanting to pass severe or deadly diseases to their children. Because of this, people would opt to adopt if they knew that a medical condition could be passed on.

5. Existing Medical Conditions

Many women have existing medical conditions that make it risky to carry a baby. For some, doctors would recommend not getting pregnant since the condition paired with pregnancy can seriously threaten a person’s life aside from the unborn child’s life. Because of this, even if the person is not necessarily infertile, getting pregnant is still ill-advised, making them turn to adoption to have children.

6. Same-sex Couples

Many LGBTQ couples find it challenging to have genetically related children, especially since IVF and other alternative methods only allow one parent to be genetically related to the child. Because of this, many couples would opt for adoption since it allows them to become parents together.

7. Out of the Goodness of their Hearts

Many people who know the struggles of living in an orphanage often want to help other children in foster care. Many parents, even those who already have children of their own, would choose to adopt because they want to give children a happy and loving home. They recognize that foster care has many issues, making them want to help these children out.

8. Preference for older children

We’ve all heard of the struggles of raising a baby. The endless crying, changing diapers, and waking up every 3 to 4 hours – all of these stories often make taking care of a baby very tedious and stressful. Because of this, many parents would opt to adopt an older child instead and prefer to face the challenges of a school-age child or teen rather than that of a baby.

Moreover, this is also more common for older couples who often are already “past the age” of running after a misbehaved child. Of course, there is no age limit to adopting a child, but some older couples would prefer to take care of a child who is already more mature.


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