Feature Article: The Wonderful Adventure World of Caroleann Rice

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Caroleann Rice has created a beautiful world for children through her book series and the valuable lessons they share.

The beauty of children’s literature is they create a whole new world for young readers. This fantasy world is often colorful, magical, and paradise-like. These wonderlands provide an escape for young readers. In these fictional worlds, the characters are pleasant, there are hardly any worries, and everything seems copacetic. What these fantasy books provide are also adventures and lessons. These have always been the defining qualities of children’s books. One author who has successfully created a wonderland full of adventures and moral lessons is author Caroleann Rice. Her book series featuring animal characters is fast gaining popularity among children. Let’s take a closer look at the world of Solomon the Snail and his heartwarming adventures.

The World of Solomon the Wise

Caroleann Rice’s book series is composed of three adventures: The Song of Solomon the Snail (2017), The Ladybug and the Bully Frog (2018), and Solomon Snail Goes to the Beach (2021). Rice’s magical world is inhabited by many cute and remarkable characters. They also feature several locations (beach, woodland, and pond). In all the books, the central character is a wise and fair snail named Solomon.

“When Solomon the Snail was young, he didn’t know that something wonderful was going to happen in his life. A wise and all-knowing snail was what Solomon would one day be. He carried his house on his back and would go inside to ask his Friend, the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love inside of him, what he should do to get the answers to all his life’s struggles and problems.”

Other characters throughout his adventures join Solomon. Some of the characters include Dot the Ladybug, Milton the Frog, Clover the Rabbit, the pesky Gull brothers Buzzy and Speedy, Buster Crab and his brother Sandy, and good old Bill the Pelican. Solomon the snail’s adventures include spreading love and kindness and teaching friends how to be polite and be grateful. Solomon the Snail is the perfect main character in Rice’s wonderland. He is not only wise, but he is also virtuous. The famous snail is known as kind, patient, brave, and fair all over the land. Every animal in the land knows his name and seeks him out in times of trouble and confusion. They look up to him to say the right words and do what is for the good of many. Solomon also believes in giving chances and that everyone can change for the better.

There is always a lesson and a heartwarming ending to every tale in all of his travels and encounters. This is what makes Caroleann Rice’s book series easy to love and hard to forget. The narratives are light, yet they always manage to share valuable moral lessons essential for young readers. These are possible because of the adventure world that Caroleann Rice has built with her three books. She created an ideal figure that embodies all the good qualities and how these qualities are integral in building a kind, happy, and righteous world.

Caroleann Rice is a single mom and a loving grandmother. She raised her son Kevin and daughter Colleen after losing her husband when she was only 33. Caroleann loves to spend time with her family, especially Colleen’s twin daughters, Madison and Paige. Rice is also a chaplain. She ministers a Wednesday night prayer group called “The Women of the Well,” which has been regularly held at her home for 14 years. Aside from writing, she also enjoys music, cooking, and traveling.

To know more about Caroleann Rice and her children’s stories, you can purchase her books or visit her author website today.


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