Feature Article: Speak More, Talk Less

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Communication is not merely about who can speak more. Most of the time, people think that communication is merely talking. It is not.

Communication helps in having interpersonal relationships. It’s speaking to two or more people imparting their ideas, and exchanging information or knowledge about certain things. Communication is usually a broad concept of verbal language with a facial expression that uses body movements to express the message sent or received. In a conversation, a Christian book by Jack Hetzel tells us the essential words used in communication. A person’s frame of mind is paramount in the process of conveying an idea or thought. The process of understanding and receiving messages affects the way the information is communicated. How the person responds is essential to know how the message is taken.

How to Speak More

To speak is easy, but to speak more that makes others understand is effective communication. It is a skill. What is the secret behind effective communication? It is to talk less and listen more. People are more likely to listen when you say what’s on your mind. 

Another way of communication is through prayer. Prayer is a communion that motivates empathy with worship through premeditated communication. The act of prayer is an invocation intended for communication with God. We pray to communicate with God, who created us in His image and likeness. Our prayer brings great joy and happiness to the Lord.

Through Prayers

The Lord awaits our prayers. In constant prayer, we desire to be in a relationship with God. On the other hand, God talks to us through His word. The Bible is His communication to us. He helps us understand His word and practice it daily with the Bible. When we worship God, we communicate with Him. It is a whole new perspective of communication. Jesus communicated with us directly with Him as a Human being. Meeting people and worshiping the Lord, He communicates through His words.  

In prayer, we are connected with God at all times. You can talk to Him anywhere and everywhere you want to. We can only do this if we have a strong faith in God. Even in silence, we can communicate with God. Listen to Him carefully.

Throughout the history of mankind, God speaks through the glory of His creation.

The Bible helps us understand why God created the world with us in it. You see, God speaks in mysterious ways. So how does God speak more to us? How do we listen to Him? God communicates to us through our dreams when we sleep. He speaks to us through the things that we see, like visions. God hears our thoughts and talks to us through signs of circumstances that come into our lives. He talks to us through the priests, pastors, and other people. Sometimes, God speaks to us through songs and even just the melody.

Even in Church, we can exercise our effective communication. The best way to call on people to ministry is by spreading the news. We share ideas with people to encourage them to join the church by giving them hope. We also strengthen their faith.

There are various purposes of communication. Communication informs people. While expressing feelings and emotions gives us social relationships with other people and animals. It influences people to do things. There are benefits that we can get from effective communication in the workplace. As it builds trust and confidence, we can solve and prevent problems. It improves our productivity. It also promotes team building.

A mere conversation conveys information.

We have to be clear with the message. Most importantly, our message has to be complete. There are times the message can’t get across to our listeners. In the end, listeners would find it difficult to understand us. There are communication barriers. The Inability to listen to others. The lack of transparency of the speaker. Communication styles are not compatible—conflicts of thoughts and ideas.  

To make it simpler and easier to remember, these are the seven C’s of communication: clarity, correctness, conciseness, courtesy, concreteness, consideration, and completeness. With these seven C’s in mind, you will never go wrong. Communication is not merely a tool; it is a powerful tool. Communication is the key to success.  


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