Feature Article: Patricia Gummeson’s Illustrated Fantasy Books for Children

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ReadersMagnets presents Patricia Gummeson and her published illustrated fantasy books for children.

As children, we love living in fantasy stories and adventures. We would pretend to be knights, princesses, wizards, dragons, elves, and other fantastical characters. We dreamed of living in magical worlds and enchanted kingdoms. This phase in our childhood is largely influenced by the picture books we read. Children’s Illustrated books, specifically fantasy books, play a huge role in enriching our imagination and providing joy in our young lives. It is no secret that the children’s books genre is one of the most stable simply because children’s fantasy stories never grow old. Today, we will present Patricia Gummeson’s illustrated fantasy books for children.

Lizzie and Leopold (2017)

Set in her grandma’s secret garden, Lizzie and Leopold is a story about imaginary friends and the life they share. Published in 2017, Lizzie and Leopold is Patricia Gummeson’s first major work. This children’s illustrated book contains 24 pages. It features her two friends and their neighborhood. Children will definitely love Patricia’s conversations with the characters and how it’s like to exist in their world. Lizzie and Leopold is a light and funny read.

Cecil and Cedric and the Crooked, Crickety Christmas Tree (2017)

Cecil and Cedric and the Crooked, Crickety Christmas Tree is another hilarious fantasy adventure tale from Patricia Gummeson. In this short story, we meet two cute and curious cats, Cecil and Cedric. The two are always out having fun. In this book, we learn of a series of bizarre holiday adventures which involve swatting Christmas lights to being wrapped by a ball of string and other delightful moments shared by these two lovely creatures.

Charlie’s Cukoo Little Choo-Choo (2017)

In many parts of the country, choo-choo trains and locomotive toys and decorations are an important part of Christmas. In the American Midwest, homes used to decorate their Christmas trees with a train circling underneath. In Charlie’s Cukoo Little Choo-Choo, Patricia Gummeson reminds us about Christmas through the story of a child’s wish on Christmas day- a choo-choo train. Charlie finally gets his wish from Santa one Christmas morning.

Regis and Reggie (2018)

Regis and Reggie is a story related to Patrica Gummeson’s earlier work, Lizzie and Leopold. Here, we meet Regis and Reggie, two little mischievous raccoons who live on the other side of the levy behind the grandma’s garden. The book features a new treehouse built by Patricia’s grandpa way up in the branches of the big oak tree in the garden. From there, she can see other animals and friends living along the river.

Bonnie and Clyde (2019)

Patricia Gummeson’s latest children’s fantasy book is the 2019 illustrated book Bonnie and Clyde. The story follows the adventures of two furry little critters stole who never fail to amuse their owners. Bonnie and Clyde are two adorable hamsters who always see themselves in troubling yet hilarious situations. Their mischiefs always somehow bring delight to their masters and entertain young readers as well.

Patricia Gummeson is a mother of three, a grandmother of four, a great-grandmother of eight, and a great-great-grandmother of one. Because she is often with young kids, Patricia developed a passion for telling fantasy stories. Ultimately, this passion led to writing her children’s books. Aside from writing stories for kids, she also contributes to several trade publications. Patricia Gummeson’s other interests include sewing, quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, flower arranging, and tole painting. She is also into making porcelain dolls and figurines from scratch. She joins porcelain and ceramic shows. She also dedicates her time and energy to her home-based business.

To know more about Patricia Gummeson and her works, buy a copy, or you can visit her website today.


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