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Collette Jackson-Fink is known for her unique fantasy novels, which blend sci-fi, ancient beings, and magical creatures.

The fantasy genre has dramatically evolved over the years. Modern fantasy works are not confined to their universe, mythical creatures, and medieval settings. Many of today’s fantasy novels blend futuristic timelines, alien characters, plots that incorporate warfare, geopolitics, and technology. The last few years introduce several new brands of fantasy literature. Author Collette Jackson-Fink is among the new generation of novelists who have successfully reinvented the fantasy genre. She is the author of two published books- Daughters of Twilight and its sequel, Sons of Twilight. She is among the participants in the recently concluded The Festival of Storytellers, a virtual book fair sponsored by ReadersMagnetIndulge yourself in the Fantasy by Jackson-Fink as we revisit the works that cemented her place as one of the remarkable fantasy authors of today.

A New Type of Fantasy Thriller

Collette Jackson-Fink first spoke to the world with her unique debut novel, Daughters of Twilight. The fantasy thriller featuring military action-adventure and romance saw publication in 2013. Daughters of Twilight is book one of a planned trilogy. Here, Jackson-Fink introduces the main characters- Dane Coles, a highly skilled soldier and leader of a special team, and Asia, a beautiful mythical creature.

“A race of angelic creatures appear after an earthquake jolts the city of Waterloo, Iowa. A Black Towering pyramid pushes its way up through a cornfield and the “angels” come to the surface. Soon, Waterloo is thrown into chaos, and soldiers and scientists arrive to investigate the Black Pyramid, which quickly becomes the most incredible archaeological discovery in history.

Amidst the chaos that envelopes Waterloo an unlikely love story forms between Dane Coles, one of the soldiers deployed to the site, and Asia, a beautiful, yet deadly “angel.” After their less then friendly meeting, a romance blooms between the two: a soldier sent to restore peace and order In Waterloo and an “angel” perceived as a threat. Meanwhile, a war is likely to erupt, and behind the chaos, a few sinister individuals want to exploit the Black Pyramid to serve their own selfish ends. This fast pace read abounds in the elements of fantasy military action, adventure, and romance. It will captivate the imagination.”

Daughter of Twilight reintroduced fantasy and rekindle our interest in myths and the supernatural in a different way. Collette Jackson-Fink provided us with a new perspective and refreshing narrative. The first book in the trilogy is both engaging and new.

Sequel and Future Works from Collette Jackson-Fink

In 2017, Jackson-Fink released the sequel, Sons of Twilight. The second book continues the saga of war and romance. The story picks up where the first book left with Cole’s team members choosing to follow Dane and Ivan. They live among the female warriors and even took them as their mates. After consummating their relationships with the angelic creature, the men morph into more powerful beings. However, they will need all their newfound strength and power to protect their shelter as well as the Earth, where a black mass threatens its existence. With this union between hybrid men and female warrior creatures, readers are in for an epic battle.

Sons of Twilight is expected to be followed by a third book, thus completing Collette Jackson-Fink’s amazing fantasy trilogy. As of this writing, an official announcement is yet to be made. Fans can expect another unforgettable chapter and a fitting ending to Cole and Asia’s adventure.

Undoubtedly, Collette Jackson-Fink has successfully redefined fantasy action thrillers, and we are in for a great ride.

To know more about Collette Jackson-Fink and her works, you can check out her books or visit her website today.


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