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The author of the book The Journey Home, Lori-Ellen Pisani, believes in extending support to other through various programs, including From Fractured to Freedom program.

Lori-Ellen Pisani dedicated thirty-three long years of her life to educating young minds. She taught elementary school and has also served as an assistant principal responsible for 500 students and staff. But unknown to many, Lori-Ellen Pisani has Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar II to be exact. She hid it away from colleagues and parents. Doing otherwise could be the end of her career and profession. For many years, Lori-Ellen Pisani built her career and received recognition and awards. Still, she had to work hard to fighting episodes, suicidal depression, and staying with her treatment plan.

“Any parent could call the District or my principal and say, “I don’t want my child to be near Dr. Pisani, she’s dangerous,” without any evidence to prove it. The District, given high profile mass shootings in schools reported to have been committed by people who were Bipolar, would have no other choice but to remove me from my position and put me in another assignment away from children. I couldn’t risk or tolerate that.”

Lori-Ellen Pisani’s journey and struggle with mental illness is very inspiring and offers many lessons about the stigma of Bipolar Disorder. Now that she is retired, Lori-Ellen wishes to share her personal story and the experiences and lessons that allowed her to seemingly live everyday life with others and achieve success in her chosen field of endeavor, teaching.

Lori-Ellen published her memoir The Journey Home: My Journey to Find Peace of Mind and Heart While Fighting a War Against Bi-Polar Disorder to educate others and share her own experience with Bipolar Disorder.

In 2018, Lori-Ellen Pisani was finally able to publish her memoir about her battles with Bipolar Disorder. She waited after her retirement to share her story to protect herself, and her career as Bipolar Disorder is still a mental illness that is unacceptable even in civilized societies.

The Journey Home: My Journey to Find Peace of Mind and Heart While Fighting a War Against Bi-Polar Disorder chronicles Lori-Ellen’s childhood, her discovery of the illness, diagnosis, and treatment plan. It also detailed her everyday struggle and episodes.

Aside from her book, psychoanalyst and certified life coach Lori-Ellen reaches out to others and helps enhance their mental wellness through her From Fractured to Freedom and From Burnt Out to Fired Up programs.

From Fractured to Freedom!

From Fractured to Freedom program is designed for women ages 35-45 living with mental illness but feeling fractured and frozen and unable to remove the obstacles that currently prevent them from living a life of freedom. The program aims to empower these women, remove the obstacles that have them enduring life unhappy and depleted, and live life with the confidence and freedom to make choices that will propel them forward on their journeys and provide them with peace, abundance, and joy.

From Burnt Out to Fired Up! 

From Burnt Out to Fired Up! is a program for female educators who feel burnt out and discouraged in all stages of their careers. It is designed to empower them to either – rekindle their passion for teaching, leave the profession to pursue their true passions, or plan an exit strategy that will enable them to leave when the time is right for them to pursue their dreams.

These two programs have helped women and educators improve their mental health, perspective, and decision-making. If you want to inquire more about these programs, you can contact Lori-Ellen Pisani at [email protected] or inquire at https://calendly.com/simplyspeakinglepllc today!

To know more about Lori-Ellen Pisani’s works, check out his book or visit her official author’s website.

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  1. Anne Grove

    Lori-Ellen you are an inspiration and while you probably didn’t feel like a strong woman at the time, looking back over what you accomplished is amazing.


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