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Not all of us are destined to live a married life. For some, living a single Christian life is their life’s path.

Our journey into adult life presents several paths. It is, after all, the stage where we start to build our own lives, find our purpose, and hopefully leave a legacy behind. Responsibilities, self-discovery, and fulfillment are the key factors in choosing the kind of life we embrace. For many of us, marriage and starting a family is the typical path for most adults. That is the path that most men and women follow, regardless of race, religion, culture, and politics. However, some choose not to get married and start a family. Some are blessed with the life of single blessedness. Today, we will talk briefly about living a single Christian life through the work and perspective of Wayne Drayton, author of the book The Two Sides of Being Single: a Biblical Perspective.

In some cultures, being single is sometimes being frowned upon. It is customary to have a partner, start a family, and raise children in certain societies. But there are many external and internal factors why there are people who are not receiving the sacrament of marriage and are instead choosing to dedicate their lives to serving God. In Christian culture, specifically with the Catholic Church, we gave priests and nuns. In the Christian community, we also have pastors, deacons, ministers, and other Church servants opting not to enter the married life. Whatever the reason, living a single Christian life should be both an opportunity and a blessing.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part of the book focuses on maintaining a single Christian life. This is not an easy task, but it can be accomplished by a Christian placing his or her trust in God. With God’s help, a Christian can draw closer to God so that Satan won’t fan the flames of a single Christian’s sexual desires, causing him or her to fall prey to sexual immorality. The second part of the book discusses those who are single and waiting for God to bless them with a husband or a wife. God has a mate for those who are willing to wait on him patiently. The book concludes with a prayer for those who want to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. (excerpt from Wayne Drayton’s book)

One perspective on how to maintain living a single Christian life in Wayne’s book is the mindset of being okay not to get married. It is not a requirement for being normal. Being single can be a chance to know yourself more and establish a more profound and meaningful relationship with God, something that we must all be proud of. As a single person, you can do many things for God and His people. By accepting God as your personal Savior and guide, you can spread His word and inspire others to live by the Gospel. So don’t consider being single as being stuck in some uncomfortable situation. Embrace and enjoy the life of being a single Christian.

What makes Wayne Drayton’s perspective and mindset truly inclusive and inspiring are that he does not dismiss the possibility of single Christian finding their rightful partner in God’s perfect time. Recognizing that living a single Christian life might be a phase and a stepping stone in preparation for the sacrament of marriage, Drayton encourages single Christians to be patient and to pray for the blessing of a wife or a husband. It does not matter if you are destined for married life or a life dedicate to being a single Christian servant of God. What matters most is that you embrace God’s grace, renounce Satan, and stay away from the temptation of a single Christian’s sexual desires and not fall prey to sexual immorality.

To know more about Wayne Drayton and his book, purchase a copy or visit his author’s website today.


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