Feature Article: Grieving: How long will it Last?

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Bereavement by suicide shares characteristics with other griefs, which is also different. It can bring an intensity and range of emotions and physical reactions which may be unfamiliar, frightening, and uncontrollable. Emotional reactions are often complex, and people may find that they are experiencing a bewildering range of feelings, including guilt, anger, shame, rejection, sadness, and fear. People who have been bereaved by suicide may become vulnerable to thoughts of suicide themselves.

Understanding how and why it differs is helpful when you support grieving people. A death by suicide is usually sudden, often unexpected, and maybe violent. These factors increase the degree of shock and trauma experienced compared to many other types of grief. The grieving process is often complicated and typically lasts longer than other types of grief – significant effects may still be felt for many years after the death. 

People are all individuals, and each person will have had a unique relationship with the person who died – there is no single or correct way to experience bereavement. However, there are many common reactions and factors in bereavements by suicide; and this is how Vonne Solis’ Grief coaching service could help you out. From the standpoint of a parent who experienced the horror of suicide in the family could be a perfect someone who knows what it feels like to be in your place. Moreover, Vonne Solis has also written books that could reinforce your healing process, see the balance and fuller meaning of life after a loss and change your mindset to start creating the life you want after some time. Take time to check it out below.

Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter. This book is a raw and candid sharing of the author’s struggle to heal from her daughter’s suicide to help newly bereaved parents who have lost their child to suicide navigate early and complicated grief. The body of each chapter has been written as a letter to her daughter recounting the difficulties that have challenged my efforts to recover fully. The lessons at the end of each chapter are intended to help parents find comfort and healing in their grief from all they learned looking back on their journey.

Divine Healing –Transforming Pain into Personal Power. The author offers a cutting-edge discourse on grief and loss in western culture and a revolutionary self-help therapy practice for individual transformation based on the powerful insights of angelic wisdom.

The Power of Change – A Path to Enlightenment. This book showcases an easy-to-follow daily guide that gives you the tools to change your thinking immediately! This no-nonsense method helps you create the life you want, starting today. The gentle insights remind you of the power you have to believe in your dreams, set realistic goals to go after them, and manage all of your successes on your terms. This book will help you think differently so that you can reap the rewards of your desires all of the time.

Vonne Solis is also a Course Instructor working on bereavement support and healing related to child loss, suicide, and general loss. Her Online Course on topics related to such is also available. Some topics touched on understanding complicated grief, working with angels in grief, viewing grief and loss through the metaphysical lens, and spiritual healing. She even held a Bereavement Conference on “PTSD – Explaining the Craziness in Grief.”  

Thus, when you want to change the perspective of your life for the better and forget the horrors, even leaving the past behind – Vonne Solis is the person who can help you do that. 


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