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For author Frank Heelan, the events after Christ’s Resurrection are as important as Christ’s passion and crucifixion.

For the 2.3 billion Christians worldwide, the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross are some of the most important events of their calendar. Every year, Christians observe Lent in various ways, and at the center of it is the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s passion and death immortalized in the Stations of the Cross. The fourteen-step devotion reminds us of two things; God sacrificed His only son to save humanity and that every one of us has a share in Christ’s suffering through our daily lives. But Jesus Christ’s journey here on earth did not end with Him dying on the cross. He rose from the dead three days later and appeared to several people, including Mary Magdalene, His disciples, and even shared a meal with His followers.

Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations

For Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations author, Frank Heelan, Jesus resurrection and the subsequent appearances, interactions, and instructions he left behind before he ascended into heaven are as crucial as his passion and death on the cross. It is a reminder that there is life after death and of “the promise of what is to come”—the hope for all Christians inherent in that world-changing event.

“By praying the Stations of the Risen Christ during the Easter season to complement the Stations of the Cross for Lent, we are witnessing to our belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that Christ will clothe us in a resurrected body in the days to come.”

Firmly believing that Jesus Christ’s Resurrection should be part of the tradition to commemorate the life and journey of the savior, Heelan has constructed fourteen new stations that begin where the traditional ones end. In this addition, Heelan highlights significant and key events following Christ’s rise from the dead: the women’s visit to Christ’s empty tomb, their rush to tell the others disciples, Peter’s visit to the tomb, Jesus’s appearance to Mary Magdalene, the walk to Emmaus, His appearance to all disciples, his proof of identity to doubting Thomas, Christ’s appearance by the Sea of Galilee, a shared meal with his followers, special orders for Peter, instructions to all to spread the gospel, his ascension to heaven and blessings of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus’s promise to return at the end times.

These so-called Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations are meant to inspire Christians to pray and reflect on the Scriptural passages relating to Jesus Christ’s resurrection and His final instructions before going to heaven. Stations of the Risen Christ feature 14 parts from the Gospel writings of John, Luke, and Matthew. Each of the readings is followed by brief meditation to motivate Christians to pray and acquire a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ’s mysteries.

The book presents a comprehensive and deep understanding of the Christian faith and examines closely the writing and teaching of Jesus and those who are close to Him. Frank Heelan’s greatest achievement in this book is extending the message using artwork, verses from the gospels, and corresponding mediations and making the book a fast-paced and yer incredibly insightful read. Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations is an essential guide for learning more about the Christian faith and meditation. This Resurrection of Jesus Christ book by Heelan is a must-read book for all Christians.

About Frank Heelan

Frank Heelan is from Elmhurst, Queens County section of New York City. He attended Xavier High School in Manhattan. He finished his baccalaureate degree from Fordham, University. Heelan holds a Master’s from New York University and a Doctorate from Columbia University. He also taught History at Power Memorial High School before retiring. Frank Heelan served as a Superintendent of Schools for Tuxedo Park School District for more than 25 years. After he retired, Heelan was elected to the Edison Board of Education and President of Edison School District. Frank Heelan is married to Ann. Together, they have four children and eleven grandchildren.


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