FEAR! By Betsy Fritcha

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What exactly is fear?  The dictionary describes the word fear as: terror, dread, anxiety, horror, distress, freight, panic, alarm, trepidation, apprehension.  Do any of these words fit what you are experiencing, especially in these days when COVID-19 corona virus pandemic seems to be controlling our lives and keeping people captive to fear? 

Why do people allow fear to regulate their lives?  I heard it said that the only thing people have to fear, is fear itself.  How true are these words! Fear causes fear, causing even more fear, that causes more and more fear that causes fear to be in control and dictate how we feel and so act. So, on and on goes fear until it is stopped by a determined decision someone makes to not allow fear of any kind to operate around them. When fear is in charge, each life circumstance escalates into a higher degree of fear that when it allowed to have free-reign has the possibility of bringing death, both natural and eternal. 

The opposite of fear is Peace, Joy, and Contentment no matter what is going on all around us.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I afraid of?  Why do I feel so much fear to the point of being paralyzed so I cannot make quality decisions? Fear has the power to control your life if you allow it full reign in your life. Just because you are being told, “No one knows what to do” does not mean that you do not know what to do.  You do know what to do.  You just need to step up and do what is good and right in your own heart. When you take a stand against fear, you are in control of how you choose to feel and act. No one can force you how to feel and act.  You are the captain of your own soul, as I heard a famous author say and write.

You have within you the power to make free-will choices as to how you respond to fear and all its implications. 

Why not change right now if fear seems to be controlling you?  Why not stand up to fear and determine within yourself that you are no longer going to allow fear to control your personal decisions that influence you, and your family, and your community, and your city, and your state, and your country; and actually the entire world that we all are part of?

Each person’s personal determination to stop giving in to fear causes a ripple effect that can bring an ocean of change onto the earth. 

The only thing that replaces fear is the confidence that your free-will choice combined with other people’s free-will choices to renounce all fear is making a difference and so is replacing fear. Then, there is yet another free-will choice that must be made. You must choose to replace fear with action.  When you make a quality decision to think good thoughts, speak uplifting words, and do actions, that create peace, love, joy, good will, and contentment, the atmosphere on earth is changed from fear to hope, love, and sound thinking and actions. This combined action by many, many, many people all over the earth causes a violent disruption that reverberates all through the earth and in the heavens causing an explosive combustion that shuts out all fear.  

Do you want to have part in causing an explosive combustion that removes all fear so peace, joy, and contentment is the ruling factor in your life and the lives of the people around you? Then join me and others who are “willingly” choosing to renounce all forms of fear. Then, we can all walk together by doing life-giving actions through our thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the good things we do; thus, causing a reaction that brings an exploding combustion of true and good and lasting change on earth.

I will!  Will you? 

Betsy Fritcha




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