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A Writers Tale Sitting in the Authors Lounge 

Before I talk about myself and my book of esoteric poetry, let me begin with a little about art and the written word. After which you may know where some of my passion lies, and how I became a writer in the midpoint of my life.

There is a distinct and powerful force behind the written word for both the reader and the writer. Words have the power to break or mend hearts. Words bring out joy or sadness. They can awaken memories or sometimes awaken profound revelations. For the avid reader, all these feelings and more can be awakened through the power of the word. For the writer a different relationship exists between the writer and his word. 

All art is an expression of the heart and soul. c self-expression has been a characteristic of humans since as far back as our records show us. Cave paintings from early humans are primitive and early beginnings of astronomy and astrology, as they symbolised the celestial events they witnessed into their cave art.

Through art we symbolise our feelings and experiences into words, images and song. Art can be a self-expression of deep emotions, and can help soothe the soul. Art is an energy release through self-expression. As language and culture change through the times, art is timeless, and symbolic meaning transcends time, language and culture. 

Art has many depths and layers to it. When you look at a painting the first impression is of the whole image and what it is on the surface. The depths and layers often reveal themselves the more one studies the painting. Little details become known, and sometimes hidden and subtle meaning reveal themselves through symbolic interpretation. There is the exoteric (external) first impression of the painting, and there is the esoteric (internal/within) deeper interpretation of the painting. Words can carry the same layers and depths to their meanings. It is in this category that we find religion and poetry alike. Religion is littered with symbolic parables, that have depth of meaning beneath the literal interpretation on the exoteric surface. The same concepts are used in poetry to tell a story that exists between the lines. 

Esoteric Roots 

‘Esoteric’ also means to ‘go within.’ It is a study of wisdom, that goes deeper within; into the more obscure and arcane philosophy of a subject. 

The outer layers of knowledge are known as Exoteric. Exoteric is a word derived from the comparative form of Greek – “from, out of, outside. It signifies knowledge easily accessible and available to the public. It is knowledge found on the surface as opposed to deeper knowledge found within.

“Exoteric relates to external reality as opposed to a persons thoughts or feelings. It is knowledge that is public as opposed to secret or Cabalistic.” ~ Wikipedia

‘Esoteric’ is knowledge or wisdom found beneath the surface within the deeper layers, which are more obscure and subtle. It is an attempt to explain the mystery by exploring the roots of knowledge deep within.

Esoteric Parables – Words and Reflections of Gary Male

My book is a poetic journey through the Cosmos, through nature, and through the individual and Cosmic Self. These words are my soul expression, expressed in symbolic form. This book is a collection of my poetry written between 2018-2022, as I’ve delved into philosophy, mysticism, occultism and God. Philosophy is my true love of writing, and it is philosophy that helps me to higher my mind and unravel my heart into the words that I express. Through all these things my love of the word shines through. When words are written symbolically, harmonious and with rhythm, they have the power to be beautiful and the potential to unlock the doors of perception with profound moments of revelation or realisation. 

“In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Author Biography

I am 45 years old and have only been writing for five years. What was it that transformed me into a writer? I guess I can say that a childhood wonder and curiosity returned to me, as I discovered new and old interests in the universe, philosophy, spiritualism/mysticism and the mysteries of the world. The more I learnt, and the more information that I absorbed, a desire to write my own understanding and perspective formed within me. I was taking so much in, that some of it had to come back out. I found that I had a knack for words and an ability to explain what may be difficult to explain. To simplify the complicated. Which is what poetry really is; a method of self-expressing the deep parts of the soul into short and symbolic meaning. 

Four years ago I created a Facebook blog as a place where I could share and keep some of my writings. It is a mixture of poetry and philosophy. I am continually refining and honing myself as a writer. I immerse myself within deep philosophy and thought, and some of my deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences have gone into Esoteric Parables. I want people to read my book and really get something meaningful from it. I believe I have an arcane way of looking at things, and one of my desires over the last five years has been to make people pause and think when they are reading my writing. Or to give people a different perspective and a sense of wonder. The world today appears to have lost the sense of wonder and curiosity, and I hope my words can reawaken some of that curious wonder.

Thank you for reading this article on ‘Authors Lounge.’

Article written by Gary Male 

(Words and Reflections of Gary Male)


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