Monique Elias On Dreaming About Faces And Places In The World

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If you want to see many faces and places, dreams have a fantastic way of doing it. Throughout the book, children describe in detail the various moments they experience. Monique Elias takes us to different pages with faces and places that give a perfect picture of what dreaming is.

Our minds can take us to faces and places we have never seen before. Somewhere we haven’t physically set foot in, it can make us feel things. Interpreting the possibilities of such dreams is possible and can bear significant meanings in our lives, just like the boys and girls in the book Faces and Places in the World by the author Monique Elias.

Let’s dive into the possibilities of having dreams about travels and the message the author wants to send through her perspective.

What do your dreams about traveling mean?

When you have visions of faces and places in your sleep, it’s essential to know that there is far-between scientific evidence surrounding the interpretation of dreams. They have always been perceived as a way to strengthen memory.

It can even serve as a future prediction, which is why Monique Elias strives to translate it thoroughly in her book, how these dreams about traveling affect the lives of children who have tasted the wonders of exploring the world through their eyes.

We all have experienced dreams that eerily reflect our waking lives. Those dreams often beg us to question what they mean and what they are trying to tell us. Ultimately, it is an experience that’s unique to every individual.

However, we will explore the familiar tropes that can easily have particular meanings.

Reasons you’re dreaming about traveling to see faces and places

1 – You long for that freedom

According to dream experts, dreaming about traveling is a form of escapism for people, a taste of freedom perhaps. In recent years full of crisis that has left the world impaired, travel was impossible. People suddenly crave a little space to roam somewhere else, living vicariously through moving around in their heads. Therefore, Freud wasn’t entirely wrong about saying how dreams can be some way to fulfill one’s wish on occasion.

2 – A life-altering movement

Aside from a desire for freedom, dreams often suggest that something significant will come in your life, a momentum that might alter the course of your journey. When you travel, you initially go in a forward motion. When you dream of traveling, it could signify progress in one’s life, in a literal or figurative sense.

3 – A sense of control

Dreams induce a feeling of being in control for once. Reality teaches us over again that situations are out of our hands. When you’re dreaming, you do what you want within that dream. It allows you to regain control over a life where you don’t have any.

However, dreams can also make you feel out of control, especially when dreaming about something all over the place. If it happens in that way, consider that a nightmare.

Sometimes, events might spiral out of hand in your nightmares, introducing or recounting your inner worst fears. In that realm, things are shed to light. It could mean that you’re struggling to get over something in your life or you don’t grasp the path you took.

4 – Searching for something

Dreams have a way of telling us how you’re on a search or quest in life. Depending on your dreams, it could signify that you’re trying to reach a destination where you haven’t arrived. And once you do, you feel that peace of mind and the ease reigning over you. As if that feeling’s the one you’ve been looking for all along.

Get to know the author Monique Elias.

A creative by heart and profession, Monique Elias primarily designs various merchandise, ranging from apparel to homeware. Her products cater to a wide demographic, from young to old. Her favorite interests include old-school cartoons, reading encyclopedias, creating art for kids, and, most importantly, traveling worldwide. Monique also loves dogs; her favorite is a spotted Great Dane.

Her love for traveling led the author to write a compelling, creative book about faces and places that is great for all ages. She wants to share the joyous experience of traveling and how it can take people anywhere.

Be transported into a world of dreams and exploration, brought to you by the author Monique Elias. You can find other exciting books about different faces and places, plus books about dreams and travel, here at ReadersMagnet.


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