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“An administrator is a person who empowers teachers to teach.” ~Kelly

American education is facing three significant challenges:
  • Rapidly increasing costs in an environment of diminishing resources and increasing public dissatisfaction with our students’ learning
  • Clearly inadequate achievement results for our technological and ever changing work environment
  • Inadequate preparation for higher education

“We Can Do More and Better with Less: Education Reform Can Work” (2019 Edition ) is a blueprint to overcome all of these challenges thereby saving American education and the American economy, which is ultimately dependent on it.


1. Teaching experience from Pre – K through the doctoral level in a wide variety of schools ranging from impoverished to wealthy.

2. Administrative experience at building and district levels as well as the New York State Education Department.

3. Currently Professor of Educational Administration, Leadership and Technology at Dowling College Ed. D. program in Oakdale, NY.

4. Publication of over 100 articles in professional journals

5. Books in English, Spanish and Turkish.

6. Over 4,000 schools have used his surveys for systemic assessment to plan and implement school improvement.

7. Graduate degrees include American History, Teaching social studies, Reading, Administration and a Ph. D. in Educational Psychology.

8. Extensive experience consulting schools nation-wide and Puerto Rico in:

a. Application of systems ideas of W. Edwards Deming,

b. Application of Choice theory, psychology of William Glasser

c. Implementation of the Ethics of Aristotle to student discipline

d. School improvement based on these three great thinkers and his own extensive practical applications of their ideas to education

9. His latest Book is “We Can do More and Better with Less: Education Reform can work” 2019 Edition presents a detailed means to accomplish all of the above.


  1. Eliminate the achievement gap between races, ethnic groups and genders
  2. Significantly improve achievement for all students
  3. Replace the need for extremely costly and ineffective “special programs” including remedial programs, learning disabilities programs, gifted and talented programs, alternative schools, most of special education, etc. with highly effective and less expensive alternatives
  4. Improve teacher morale
  5. Eliminate virtually all student discipline problems
  6. Reduce dropout rates close to zero
  7. Provide students the opportunity to be ready for work and/or college
  8. Improve our economy with knowledgeable and skilled workers now woefully lacking
  9. Save public education from pricing itself out of existence
  10. Do all of the above with existing and/or fewer resources than we use now

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