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What does success mean? We may have different ideas about what being successful entails. For some it is the attainment of property, profit or popularity. For others it may be setting new records, learning new skills or doing something that no one has ever accomplished. Still for others, success may be measured by the strength of our relationships with family and friends. The one thing upon which we can all agree is that successful people are those who accomplish their desired aims.

We all set goals: Daily goals, short-term, mid-term, long-term goals, new year’s resolution goals…

Setting goals is easy, achieving them, well, not so much. That is, unless you know how. There is no SECRET to goal attainment. No magic potions or incantations. There are well-recognized strategies that ALL successful people use, and it is easily within your grasp. Dr. Neil Farber not only writes about how to get whatever it is that you most want in life, he is also a living example of someone who has followed his own advice and has, as he puts it, “knocked down many dominoes”.

Dr. Neil Farber is the author of “Throw Away Your Vision Board: The truth about the law of attraction”. Here is a brief synopsis of Dr. Farber’s accomplishments. He received full academic scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and medical schools. He attained degrees in Psychology (BS Summa Cum Laude), Cardiac Pharmacology (PhD), and Medicine (MD). After completing fellowships, he worked as a neuroscientist at a world-renowned medical center as well as a pediatric anesthesiologist in a top children’s hospital. Dr. Farber also attained Doctorate Degrees in Religious Studies and Metaphysics. He was a competitive triathlete and martial artist who achieved Grandmaster status, 9th Dan Black Belt. His academic appointments included being a Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology and Psychology. He has been certified as a Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Guide, Hypnotherapist, Cognitive-Behavioral therapist, and Personal Trainer. He is a professional artist, has climbed mountains, been on safaris, jumped out of planes, and engaged in many other adventures. Dr. Farber has given much time and money to charities, volunteering on 3rd world medical missions around the world to help children with facial deformities. He writes a positive psychology blog for Psychology Today, has authored hundreds of scientific articles as well as several self-help books focusing on personal responsibility and goal-setting. According to Dr. Farber, one of his greatest successes is his close bond with his three adult daughters, and his life-partner, Lori.

While Dr. Farber was active in coaching, he came to realize that many of his clients were relying on the universe to play an active role in making their dreams come true, rather than taking responsibility for their choices and actions (or inactions). They were counting on a “law of attraction” to somehow make things happen and help them with their goals. It didn’t take Dr. Farber long to figure out that most of the people who came to him for help, were people who believed in this law of attraction and had, at some point, created a “vision board” to help them achieve their goals. Was this law of attraction the “real deal” and vision boarding the key to success, but his clients were just doing it poorly or was this all “hocus pocus” and another mystical fantasy gone awry? Dr. Farber had received numerous professional awards, hall of fame inductions, certifications and honors in academics, medicine, research, and sports – none of which were achieved using a law of attraction. But maybe there were others who had used this method successfully. He set about interviewing many of the successful individuals he knew to see if any of them had used vision boards and the law of attraction. Not one of them! It turns out that even one of the leading experts in vision boards claims that the Law of Attraction does not work 99.9% of the time. What law does not work 99.9% of the time? How can you call something a law that almost never works? If the law of gravity only worked 0.1% of the time, we’d all be floating out into the atmosphere, the earth would be uninhabited, and we would revoke gravity’s “law” status immediately.

While the most successful people did not invoke any laws of attraction, they did all share many common techniques, methods and practices to achieve goals which Dr. Farber formulated into his eight “Keys to Achieve” principles.

In search of a more complete explanation of the law of attraction – how it started and how it works, Dr. Farber read every book on the subject dating back to the late 1800s when this “law” was first described. He followed its history and saw how its ideology was based on what we now know was incorrect pseudoscientific assumptions. Even the basic premise of the law of attraction that in nature, “like always attracts like” is incorrect. At the time, the creators of the law of attraction didn’t know about protons and they believed that electrons were attracting electrons. In fact, electrons repel electrons.

Dr. Farber is one of the leading experts in the law of attraction. Not only certified as an advanced practitioner, he also is one of very few people in the world to have actually written a PhD thesis in metaphysics on the subject. In his “Throw Away Your Vision Board” book, Dr. Farber does a thorough and candid analysis of the law of attraction, taking you through the fascinating history as well as delineating the good, the bad and the ugly side of vision boards. With a scientific and evidence-based approach, Dr. Farber exposes the truth about the law of attraction and how believing in this “law” is not only a poor method for goal fulfillment, but may actually be detrimental to your health, compassion, motivation and your chance of accomplishing goals.

Dr. Farber’s “Throw Away Your Vision Board” book is much more than simply a critique of the law of attraction. He introduces us to the essential Key to Achieve Principles and the scientific evidence-based, Action Board goal-achieving system. The Key to Achieve Principles work. They are based on ground-breaking scientific goal-achievement research. While some of the principles have been previously written about by other authors. Dr. Farber expands this list and gives us the essential Keys and how to apply them.

While the book title is Throw Away Your Vision Board, Dr. Farber actually suggests that your vision board may be upgraded and converted into an Action Board. Dr. Peter Bandettini, a PhD in Biophysics and one of the Directors at the National Institute of Mental Health has written, Throw Away Your Vision Board is an “Outstanding book! Dr. Farber’s command of this topic is encyclopedic, and his writing is direct, convincing, and hugely entertaining.” This book is a game changer for anyone looking to start achieving their dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations!

Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Medical Consultant to the Dr. Oz Show, Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic, and NY Times Bestselling Author of the YOU series wrote, “Farber enthusiastically encourages us to throw away our vision boards and effectively argues that accomplishment is a function of process visualization, gratitude, mindfulness, accountability, positivity and action.  Farber offers us an intuitive and accessible alternative, integrating those principles into a toolbox that best enables achievement.”





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