Destroying Decrot by Jeffrey Gonell

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My name is Jeffrey Gonell and I am a martial arts and fitness instructor from New York City. I was born and raised in the South Bronx, and I grew up watching anime and sci-fi movies. I used to read lots of comic books, and at the age of 10, I dreamt of having my own space series. Fast forward some 30 years and now I am the author of the space opera series titled DESTROYING DECROT:

The Volatile Rim is the most dangerous region in the galaxy, and planet Decrot is right in the middle of its Forbidden Zone. The Liberty Knights of Decrot must fight to keep their home planet safe from space tyrants, interstellar pirates, Matrixer terrorists, a meddling galactic federation, ancient ruling bloodlines, false revolutions, celestial gods, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, black goo monsters, religious fanatics, the Robot Army, and ancient dragons. This is the story about the Liberty Knights, and all they must do to prevent their enemies from…  DESTROYING DECROT

In Volume One: The Monolith, we meet Evanor Ovelum, a martial arts master of the Temple Warriors militia. He and his men are engaged in a war against the Supreme Army of Decrot and they’re doing all they can to defend City Forest. High-ranking generals and hundreds of soldiers defect from the Supreme Army to join up with the Temple Warriors and liberate City Forest. It is then that Master Evanor Ovelum learns about the Monolith, a supercomputer being built by planet Decrot’s tyrannical emperor. 

If the mighty emperor finishes construction on the Monolith, an electromagnetic grid will blanket the entire planet and highjack control over every starship and energetic device on the planet. For this reason, Master Evanor Ovelum and ex-soldiers unite to form the Liberty Knights of Planet Decrot. Their mission… to bring down Emperor Usharo Viuna!

In Volume Two: Kilmora’s Invasion, we now see Evanor Ovelum in his new role as king of planet Decrot. He and his Liberty Knights do all they can to ward off an invasion at the hands of Overlord Ketek Kilmora and his super mighty Reptilian Space Marines. The historic Emerald City falls to Kilmora’s forces, and King Ovelum’s morale falls through the floor when he finds out Decrot will not receive military assistance from the Galactic Separatists. He must learn to believe in his abilities and strengths in order to lead planet Decrot to victory. As the king gains a new revelation, the Liberty Knights obtain a cosmic weapon powerful enough to turn the tides of any war!

In Volume Three: Wrath of the System Lords, we enter the quagmire that is planet Shakinaya. The Shakinayans, a plantilian race, has been invaded by the Elarans, an insectoid race. The Galem Kalao, a terrorist group made up of Shakinayan militants, receives massive support from the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. At the behest of the Secretary General of the United Nebuli, King Evanor Ovelum sends his Liberty Knights to planet Shakinaya to help deliver humanoid’tarian assistance to displaced Shakinayan civilians. 

The Forbidden Zone Alliance, a coalition of Volatile Rim space tyrants, enters the war to ransack the planet. In the mist of all the chaos, a team of Decrotin Liberty Knights is forced by the C.I.A. to partake in the regime change operation against the Elaran System Lords!

The first 3 volumes of the DESTROYING DECROT space opera series are available in paperback and eBook on My mission is to turn these volumes into feature-length films so that this series may be the next space EPIC. If you wish to learn more, you can find me on social media as @Galactic Jeff.  #SpaceOpera #Hollywood #Screenplay

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