Dehumanisation: A True Story of Organised Child Abuse by Jennie Grace

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Unveiling the Journey from Darkness to Empowerment: A Tale of Survival and Advocacy

My upbringing in the early 1970s in the UK was shrouded in the darkness of dehumanisation. Raised by foster parents, I endured unspeakable abuse, finding solace only in protecting my foster sibling. Yet, fate led me into the clutches of a large-scale abuse ring, forcing me into a life on the run. Through the lens of my adult son, our story unveils the relentless fleeing and its profound impact on his childhood.

Tragedy struck when my foster sister tragically ended her life, leaving me with the strength to persevere for my children. Writing became my sanctuary, each word a liberation from the shackles of my past. Realising the importance of sharing our story, I embarked on a journey to ensure others knew they were not alone in their suffering. I sought to educate the world, to shift blame from victims to embrace and support survivors on their path to rebuilding. It was my hope that adequate services would rise to aid fellow survivors, amplifying our voices in the fight against dehumanisation,

What do see the outcome from writing Dehumanisation?
Through the pages of “Dehumanisation,” I invite readers into our world, shedding light on the plight of survivors and offering insights on how to support and protect them. From understanding dissociative disorders to dispelling myths surrounding abuse, each revelation paves the way for a more compassionate society. My ultimate goal, this may be possible now (thanks to Authors Lounge offering to share by promoting our story), is to advocate for the protection and valorization of children, the true treasures of society.

What are my future goals?
In addition to “Dehumanisation,” I am on the brink of publishing several children’s books, serving as a beacon of hope amidst darkness. These tales, set in the vibrant landscapes of the Caribbean, offer a stark contrast to my own experiences, infusing joy and wonder into young hearts.

Since childhood, I crafted tales for my foster siblings—narratives brimming with hope, adventure, and distant realms with azure seas and purifying air. Initially, I penned these stories in secret, cherishing them as my own. Now, I am eager to unveil these tales of joy, hope, and invaluable life lessons to the world. They serve as my remedy, transforming adversity into optimism, offering hope through the power of storytelling.

About me:
My Christian faith, my family—two adult children and three grandchildren—are my pillars of strength, propelling me forward with unwavering support. Known for my sense of humour. As an empath, my heart connects with those in pain, offering solace and understanding. My multifaceted nature extends beyond writing, as an accomplished author ,captivating speaker, and visionary artist. From transforming discarded materials into remarkable creations to using my voice to inspire and empower, I am dedicated to fostering positive change in society.Thank you Pauline Adam’s (author Lounge) for offering us a platform to share:

In unveiling the journey from darkness to empowerment, I emerge as a force to be reckoned with—an advocate, a survivor, and a beacon of hope for all those who dare to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

In a realm of labels, we wander lost,
Judgment’s whispers, a tempest tossed.
Defined by names, confined by norms,
Our essence is obscured in conformity’s storms.

A tapestry woven with societal thread,
Lost in the labyrinth where perceptions tread.
In boxes and categories, we’re neatly confined,
The beauty within, to the world, maligned.

By Jennie Grace

Dehumanisation: A True Story of Organised Child Abuse


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