Daughters of Twilight | Sons of Twilight by Collette Jackson-Fink

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Book One: Daughters of Twilight

Daughters of Twilight CoverPost Excerpt: A race of angelic creatures appear after an earthquake jolts the city of Waterloo, Iowa. A Black Towering pyramid pushes its way up through a cornfield and the “angels” come to the surface. Soon, Waterloo is thrown into chaos, and soldiers and scientists arrive to investigate the Black Pyramid, which quickly becomes the most incredible archaeological discovery in history.

Amidst the chaos that envelopes Waterloo an unlikely love story forms between Dane Coles, one of the soldiers deployed to the site, and Asia, a beautiful, yet deadly “angel.” After their less then friendly meeting, a romance blooms between the two: a soldier sent to restore peace and order In Waterloo and an “angel” perceived as a threat. Meanwhile, a war is likely to erupt, and behind the chaos, a few sinister individuals want to exploit the Black Pyramid to serve their own selfish ends. This fast pace read abounds in the elements of fantasy military action, adventure and romance. It will captivate the imagination.

Post Contents: From prologue to the first few chapters of the book, the reader will find this read to be full of hair-raising rhythm especially on how each character portrays such mind-boggling consistency and emotional impact. An author’s goal is to captivate the audience and that is exactly what she does. The dialog never bogs down the story but moves it along allowing the reader  entertainment with every page. This book is full of wonder, mysterious beings and powers. Be amazed by this read.

Book Two: Sons of Twilight

Sons of Twilight CoverPost Excerpt: Sons of Twilight continues the saga, in which the team members choose to follow Dane and Ivan into this new world and live among the amazing female warriors as their mates. After consummating their relationships with the angels, the men’s bodies morph into a more powerful lethal form, and it will take all their strength and skill to protect not only their new home but the Earth surface- where a black mass threatens global chaos.

A generation of warriors are born of the men of Earth and the daughters of Twilight as they prepare for a war that will try to consume them all in this gripping tale, a unique blend of science fiction, military action, and romance.

Post Content: It is not the fantasy readers would expect it to be, for they will get more than pure entertainment. Hard core fiction readers should not miss this book. The multiple points of suspense, the alternate world- this book is a page turner. It will test the boundary of loyalty between brothers, the strength of love between a man and a woman from different worlds…the characters will jump off the pages taking the reader to the edge of this elaborate fantasy world. The author is fearless when it comes to having the readers pumped up. Indulge in the fantasy.

Website: www.daughtersoftwilight.com/book

Contact: 319-235-0832


  1. Carol Kugel

    Such amazing reads!!! Collette has an amazing gift to write!!! Thank you! I can’t wait to get the second book!!

  2. Miya

    Funny story. I accidentally came across this book because I was searching for the Twilight series books. But I got curious, read it and here I am.

  3. Sheska

    It’s a quite gripping book. I started reading it and didn’t want to stop.


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