Daily Steps to Trust the Lord with Every Fiber of Your Being

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Trusting the Lord is the first step we need to take to start living life as God intended.

Our day-to-day lives can be very hectic and cause us a lot of stress. And amidst all the haste and noise, we often forget to put the Lord in the center and fully trust Him. Fortunately, an inspired and introspective book by Julius Mosley titled Living Life with Blinders On can guide and teach us how to live life as God intended.

However, with how busy we are throughout the day, it’s physically impossible to open Dr. Julius Mosley II’s book whenever we need guidance. With that in mind, we made a list of daily steps to trust the Lord that anyone can follow.

Step 1. Make Sure to Put God First

Whenever we are in the fray and experiencing the strife of life, the easiest thing we can do is put ourselves first. In short, we usually have a “me-centric” mindset. An excellent way to change that “me-centric” mindset to a “God-centric” one is by trusting God with the first of what wealth we have.

Handing over 10% of our salary in tithings is a great show of trust because entrusting our wealth to others always takes a large chunk of faith.

Step 2. Rest Easy in the Love of God

It’s easy to question if God does exist and if He even cares. But we should remember to rest easy in God’s love. As the inspired and introspective book by Julius Mosley and Solomon’s wise words advises us, God never leaves us or takes a break.

Depending on God and knowing what it means will tell us that even when we’re at our lowest or when we’re in the middle of chaos, God is always with us. He even uses the challenges we’re currently facing to shape us.

Step 3. Stop Depending On Yourself Too Much

Realistically speaking, we reside in a world where trust needs to be earned and feels like it’s in short supply. Thankfully, the wise king Solomon knows what trust is, which he wrote in Proverbs 3:5 saying, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your understanding.”

Many of us have faced many disappointments, making us think we can only trust ourselves. But living the life God has planned for us means we must unlearn this selfish lesson. Remember to consciously put our plans aside and follow God’s plan instead.

Step 4. Be In-Tune and Heed the Holy Spirit

Believe it or not, the Holy Spirit constantly guides and speaks to us. We need to be in-tuned and heed what the Holy Spirit says. Concentrating on God’s word is an excellent way to enhance your ability to listen to the Holy Spirit and apply steps to trust the Lord.

Step 5. Surrender to God and Cry Out to Him

To fully embrace God in our lives, we must show that we depend on Him and can displace our dependence by crying out to Him. Prayers are fantastic ways to cry out to God and surrender our problems to Him. By crying out to God, we hand Him the keys to our lives and allow Him to lead us.

Trusting God will let us live a better life, and by following the steps to trust the Lord, we are opening a better chapter in our lives. If you wish to know more information on how to live life as God intended, check out the inspired and introspective book by Julius Mosley titled Living Life with Blinders On by visiting his website here!


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