Conrad: First Drafted Copy by Amy Leigh

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Hi I’m Amylilleigh.

This is my author/pen name for when I publish books.

What is your book all about?

Well my book is about family and a reunion that is the alien attack, it brings a family closer together.
And thus joining others.
It’s mainly orientated around drama, action and the war in sight of the aliens.
It’s based in 20XX so the date is all set in place for imagination.

What inspired you to write the book?

I once had a vision like dream about being in army uniform alongside an older version of my younger brother, we were in an aircraft and aliens were attacking.

This idea finally came to life when I was out on a walk with my brother and I remembered this idea I had, I described it and he thought it was a really good idea, and I just knew I had to write it down.

My family and fiancé motivated me to stick to one book and write it.

So I did. Jotted down the main body of the book, plotting every part and developed each character, which then led to me writing the novel.

What is your target audience for the book?

My main target audience for this book is preferably between 12-18 or anyone that loves science fiction. It does however contain mild threat, a mild variety of mature language with humour laced within.

I chose this target audience due to my brother being of this age, and I wrote it originally for him but this is something I’m proud to have out in the world for people to buy and read.

What do you hope readers could get out of your book?

I’d hope that readers would get the body of an idea, appreciate the time and effort within this novel and hopefully pure enjoyment.

It’s very simplistic with the wording with occasional chapters going into deeper detail. I think it would be gripped for anyone after something interesting and gripping to read.

I’d love for the reader to be intrigued from page one and not be able to put the book down.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

The future goals I have in mind for this science fiction novel, it’s to rewrite.

I’d really love to extend and draw out it’s plot, it’s detail and really develop personalities to my characters. I’m currently working on these developments but wouldn’t change my first draft for the world which is why I published it.

The book being published has inspired me to pull out catchphrases and elements to the novel, I’ll be putting them on a document to look back on before rewriting the new version.

I plan to call it ‘Conrad : The Aircraft Has Landed’ but the story is far from finished, I may be planning future books and finding some sort of closure, though I’d still like the reader to be left wanting more.

Something more about yourself?

It’s taken me a long time to accept that one book is enough, I still tend to dip between to if I can manage it because I find myself getting a little exhausted from one continuous write up. But that’s just me.

I’m a perfectionist at heart and even though others like my work I tend to edit and change my ideas as I go along.

I love to read, take photos and draw but my main passion is writing, ever since I could I’ve never stopped and that’s why I was so happy when the author’s lounge submissions came about.

I’m hoping to gain more interest in my current work on Amazon called ‘Conrad First Drafted Copy’ and continue my writing journey.

If you would like to check out my links, here are a few below.

A link to my wattpad, where I write samples and stories that I’ve developed over the years.

A link to my Instagram where I have over 500 followers that enjoy my posts about work, photography and more.

A link to my first ever Amazon book ‘Conrad First Drafted Copy’


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