Family Reunion by Kennon A. Keith to be exhibited at LA Times Festival of Books 2022 

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Kennon explains that depression and abuse are no laughing matter. His thriller book will send chills to the spines of readers. 

The Family Reunion Story by Kennon A. Keith will be exhibited at the Los Angeles Times Festival of books on April 23-24, 2022, at the University of Southern California campus, Los Angeles, California.

This book speaks on what happens to a person that has experienced long years of harassment, abuse, and trauma. Today, this issue is common, especially to teenagers and children, as they are more vulnerable to these issues. The world today (as everyone knows) is not as good as it seems. This is because it can be so cruel to a person that it hits them hard in every spot of their physical and mental health. 

Where it all began

The story begins as Natalie Cordova’s acceptance journey continues. After exacting vengeance on her high school tormentors, Natalie finds her place in the world. She searches for her mother in Los Angeles to continue her family’s heritage. However, although Natalie tries to reconcile, only to be met with rejection and humiliation and rejection again. She has nothing since she was declined as a daughter and denied the sisterhood relationship. With no family, friends, or chance of realizing her ambition, Natalie turns to revenge’s only solace she has ever known. She decides to take her position as the leader of her family, one body at a time, with a newfound hatred blazing with pure force of will and in her spirit. 


There are so many depression and mental trauma cases from abuses caused by people to their children. In some severe cases, serial killers and criminals are produced because of traumas caused by parents, relatives, the elderly, and even strangers. This book has shown readers that these things are possible and that life in this world is not always about flowers and everything excellent. It is essential to be hit with reality so people can get themselves ready for upcoming challenges. 

On the other hand, bullying has affected children and teens for generations. But the human race only recently understood bullying’s mental health effects, which extend beyond the victim to the bullies themselves and the bystanders who witness it. Statistics show that one in five students aged twelve to eighteen say they have been bullied. At least once a week in fourteen percent (14%) of public schools) often happens. Instances are highest for middle schools, followed by high and elementary schools. 

An even more significant number of teenagers experience bullying online. Researchers found that nearly two in three American teenagers have experienced cyberbullying. Because cyberbullying can be 24/7 and public, victims may feel they can never get away from it.

Teens and children at greater risk of being bullied are often thought “different” in appearance, cultural identity, sexual orientation, or disability. They may be new to the school and have fewer friends. Bullies themselves may be well known and popular, or on the outside looking in. They may be victims of while they are bullying others or even past bullying or victims. They are more likely to bully others if they have trouble following rules, their parents are less involved, or they view violence as acceptable.

Who is Kennon A. Keith?

Kennon A. Keith was born in April 1980 in Los Angeles, California. He grew up with solid Christian values, and his parents always reminded him of the lesson acquired in Matthew 17:20 that, if he had faith the size of mustard, he could move mountains.      

Moreover, Kennnon attended South Pasadena High School, where he discovered his love of writing; however, most stories he read did not interest him. It was only when he could let the creativity soar that he found his groove. He wrote stories that he wanted to read, and when that occurred, Kennon found that he could write for hours without interruption. In 2006, he finally enrolled in college and earned a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Global Business. During his time in college, he began to write again, reigniting his passion. His writing style is graphic and very detailed. Kennon’s work is not for the faint of heart or children, but every word has a purpose, every character a destiny, and every decision a reason. Go in with your mind as a blank canvas, and let him paint the picture.


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