Coming Out of the Illusion by Christopher Michael Link

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Hello, to all you light warriors and book lovers out there! First, I would like to say “Thank You” to “Authors’ Lounge” for this opportunity to chat with and bring this article to you!

Now, a little background information about myself – The Author.

My name is Christopher Michael Link, I am 48 years old, born 9-25-1973. I am originally from Indiana and I currently live in Jacksonville, FL. I am a newly published author and this is my first book. Being a creative/Spiritual book writer is new to me but the passion has always been there.

By trade I have been in the Flooring business as a Hardwood Floor Technician – Sanding/Installing Hardwood Floors for over two decades now. Some other interests and goals have to do with training to become a Spiritual Life Coach and pursuing musicianship as a drummer, as I am learning to play now.

Book # One

The information in the book is based on Spirituality/Consciousness/Awareness and helps the reader (You) to come to realize their true self, beyond the third dimensional/man-made Illusions. The book would be under tags such as New Age, Metaphysical, Inspirational, Self-help and-or “Visionary Spirituality,” which I think covers it very nicely!

This first book that I have written is meant to inspire and empower people in multiple ways. Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally. The chapters of the discussion are based on important topics that everyone goes through and deals with in life. I would say the target audience is “Everyone” but on a more personal note, anyone looking to obtain self-realization.

I have chapters such as Energy, Health, Well-Being, Passion, Spirituality, Love, and many more to enjoy! The material is in an original-creative writing style that is fun/easy to read and very stimulating/interesting! After each chapter and talking about the subject matter, there is a question part. This is where (I) the author provides the best information/recommendations that have been found, pertaining to the chapter/topic of discussion.

This information comes in the form of audio, videos, movies, books, websites, and people in that particular field to explore. There is a wealth of information to help the reader in the area of Self-growth and it is my wish/goal to assist as many people as possible to realize their own Spiritual-selves and personal magnificence!

More To Come On The Path

I was inspired to write the book and set on a new life path following a Spiritual Awakening experience. Now it is my newfound light mission to be of service to others through my talent/passion for creative Spiritual Book Writing.

In the future, I would like for the book to be available in multiple languages, audio formats, and all versions. I also would like the book to be looked at as a type of guide for navigating and understanding life in the Third/Fourth dimension.

In the meantime, book two will be on the way soon with plans for number three. With all-new topics/chapters that are in line with life, set to expand the mind and further one’s knowledge base!

Thank You! For your interest in my book and writing, I hope you enjoy the reading!

Please see the following links for further information and updates!

Your Spiritual Brother – Christopher Link

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