Climbing The Ladder Of Consciousness

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As the human being moves up the Ladder of evolution, the center of his consciousness moves into successively higher bodies. Climbing the Ladder of Consciousness is a path to a life of fulfillment.

Imagine humanity’s consciousness as a ladder with fourteen (14) rungs. The lower rungs represent the lower consciousness states, and the higher rungs represent the higher consciousness states.

Those of the lowest evolutionary status are aware only of their physical entity and live as though that alone were real. Simple survival and physical maintenance are their sole drives. These people demand that their religion promise them earthly benefits, an opulent earth-type afterlife, and in some faiths: the eventual resurrection of the body and its possession by them eternally.

Dr. Hattwick’s ABBA Vision

People experience who they are and who they are meant to be through ABBA. It is seeing the “worlds” around you. ABBA Vision is more than a worldview because humans live in four interrelated and distinct worlds.

The ABBA Tradition offers a map of reality called the Ladder of Consciousness, or what is known as Jacob’s Ladder. The Ladder describes the facts in which people find themselves and shows them where they are within those realities. The Map guides personal journeys, telling individuals where they came from. It also shows them the many ways they may go, directing them toward where they’re meant to go.

The Ladder Of Consciousness And The Tree Of Life

ABBA Vision is about seeing the whole as well as the parts. It is a way of seeing the reality of who you are and the truth that lies within and behind the words and worlds in which you live. People refer to one or more of four different and distinct realities when discussing the concept of natural.

ABBA Vision is seeing more than meets the physical eye. Consider the word ABBA. ABBA is a word that means father. It is transliterated, not translated, from the Greek New Testament. ABBA is Jesus’ word for the Holy One of Israel, His Father, and Our Father, the reality humankind calls God.

And the word ABBA is also a palindrome, four letters that read the same forward or backward. It reflects the Four Journeys of Incarnation, Ascent, Mission, and Reunion, the Fourfold Journey of Life and Returns that each one of the humans is on.

ABBA is also an acronym composed of the first letter of Hebrew names for the four worlds: Aziluth, Beriah, Barakah, and Assiah. ABBA is a linguistic and literary reminder that Physical, Psychological, Transpersonal, and Transcendent realities are the whole story, One Holy Whole.

Meet ABBA’s Founder

Michael Hattwick is a doctor, poet, teacher, writer, husband, and father. He is a practicing primary care physician in the Washington, DC, area. Michael was born in Illinois, raised in Houston, Texas, and educated at Harvard, Georgetown, and the University of London. He has been a student and teacher of the Western Spiritual Tradition for many years. In 2010, he published “The ABBA Tradition,” a book about the spiritual and mystical tradition that lies deep within and behind Judaism and Christianity.

At Harvard, he was a member of the David Reisman freshman Seminars, majored in Chemistry and Physics, and studied Western civilization with Paul Tillich for two years. In 1962, he joined a seminar taught by Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert (aka later Ram Dass), and Ralph Metzner. He went with them to their summer school in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and then traveled to Europe, where he met his wife. In 1963, he returned to Harvard and graduated Cum Laude. He earned an MD from Baylor College of Medicine and continued his medical training at Georgetown University in DC General Hospital.

In 1995, Dr. Hattwick presented a paper titled “The ABBA Tradition” at the First International Kabbalah Society meeting in Toledo, Spain. That paper grew into the book “The ABBA Tradition,” published in 2010.

Finally, Dr. Hattwick married Barbara Carr Hattwick. They have three children and two grandchildren and live in Great Falls, Virginia. Their daughter, Emily, is an Orthopedic Surgeon. Their son, Stephen, is an architect. And their son, Ian, a professional musician.


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