Climbing Into Your Dreams With Reflections On Mountaineering

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In a world of unlimited possibilities, the only thing that separates success from failure is our ability to dream the impossible. Climbing into your dreams means living a full life.

Pursuing your dream is one of the most incredible things to experience. Unfortunately, many individuals have given up on their dream, assuming they need to improve themselves. They fail to realize that the stars look at them every night, hoping they will have the courage to take a step toward their dream and shine.

Knowing Which Mountain To Climb

You can only climb a single mountain at a time. Thus, deciding on the mountain you want to climb would be best. The perfect mountain to climb is where your enthusiasm and passion lead you. Remember that it is not about being on top of the hill that genuinely matters, but every step of the journey.

Climbing captures the mystery and allure of life for some. There is the peacefulness of being high on a mountain as the sun peaks around the Earth. Then there is the camaraderie of friends being roped together as they work up a mountain not as individuals but as a team. Finally, there is the challenge of taking a step on a steep slope knowing that a mistake could be deadly, but the next step will be rewarding.

In the same way, the book entitled “REFLECTIONS ON MOUNTAINEERING” is a unique dissertation in poetry by a devoted mountaineer who offers his philosophy on, and perceptions of, the immutability and majesty of Nature, comparing it to the relative vulnerability and temporal existence of Humanity.

Alan V. Goldman has been climbing mountains around the world for more than 30 years, and his observations and musings on Humanity and the natural world are the basis of his book of poetry, REFLECTIONS ON MOUNTAINEERING (A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains). Goldman expresses himself through an extensive collection of poetry written in several formats – the traditional rhyme scheme of blank verse that readers know from the plays of Shakespeare, free verse, and short observations in prose. He frequently alludes to the Book of Ecclesiastes, which is part of both the Old Testament of the Christian Book and the Hebrew Bible and includes various phrases in both Latin and French. His language runs from a very sophisticated command of vocabulary to on-trend contemporary word choices, plus a mix of terms about the equipment used by mountaineers, along with terms specific to the physical characteristics of the mountains he climbs.

What Goldman’s Readers Are Saying

“The writer has encapsulated his 30 years of climbing experience in Reflections on Mountaineering: Fourth Edition A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains, and he has done an excellent job.” – Anonymous.

The book contains poems and rhyming proses, and it is an excellent combination of adventure and poetry, to be honest. As for the content itself, the writer has talked about his wins, fears, hardships of climbing, dangers, injuries, hope, and many wild experiences. The language of the books is simple, engaging, and flows very well—an excellent read overall.” – Anonymous.

“If you love mountains and the feeling they inspire, this book is definitely. With 30 years of experience climbing, Alan V. Goldman delivers a nicely written book with many poems (traditional style and not) that contains some of the most important teachings life up there has taught him. Reflections on Mountaineering has a good flow, and it will immerse you in its writing.” – Anonymous.

​Author’s Bio

Alan V. Goldman, the author of the book, is a graduate of The Horace Mann School, 1975; Harvard College, 1979; and Harvard Law School, 1982. In addition to his mountaineering adventures, Alan practiced law for years and is now retired.


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