Christmas Stories Children Can Check this Month

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Readersmagnet Review recommends these five Christmas stories that children can read this Yuletide season.

Is It Santa by Nelibeth Plaza

First on our list is a funny Christmas story about family and a mysterious “visitor.” Is It Santa by Nelibeth Plaza is based on actual events. It follows Mother Rebekkah and her family as they try to solve the mystery of the Christmas cookies. Mother Rebekkah has been busy baking Christmas cookies all day for the arrival of Santa. However, when she returned home after picking her children from school, they discovered that the cookies from the basket were removed and placed on the kitchen counters and the adjacent living room. Mother Rebekkah and her children (Mya, Charlie, and Jacob) investigated what had happened and were confronted with a pleasant discovery. Is It Santa is an adventure story with beautiful illustrations, a simple plot, and a surprise twist to delight kids this Christmas.

The Christmas Owl by Ellen Kalish and Gideon Sterer

The Christmas Owl: Based on the True Story of a Little Owl Named Rockefeller is a cute Christmas story that will surely captivate the hearts of young readers. The story is based on a real owl found inside the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and is now under the care of Ellen Kalish, the co-author of the book. When People cut down Little Owl’s home to make a beautiful Christmas tree, she’s not sure she wants anything to do the celebration. Little Owl is saved by a woman named Ellen. Her house is merrily decorated for the holiday and filled with birds who need someone to care for them. Slowly Ellen’s kindness and her newfound friends begin to change Little Owl’s thoughts about Christmas.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Father Christmas by Eric Carle

Eric Carle has authored some of the famous American classic illustrated children’s books, including The Tiny Seed (1970), Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (1969), Around the Farm (2017). Eric Carle released a heartwarming Christmas tale about friendship and adventure this year. The story centers on Father Christmas as he busily prepares to distribute presents to kids for Christmas. Helping him feed the reindeer and load the gifts onto the sleigh is a very hungry caterpillar. Filled with rhyming text, vivid artwork, fold-out festive surprise, and values, Eric Carle’s latest Christmas offering is destined to be a timeless classic. The book is designed for children ages zero to three years old.

How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith

How Winston Delivered Christmas is a funny but heartwarming story about a brave little mouse named Winston. His adventure begins on Christmas Eve after finding a lost letter on its way to Father Christmas. Alex T. Smith designed a unique storybook. Each chapter features an activity that families can enjoy together- writing a letter to Father Christmas, making mince pies, designing your very own Christmas cards, making presents, creating decorations, etc.) Winston is the latest character to conquer the Children’s Christmas narrative. How Winston Delivered Christmas is followed by a beautiful sequel, How Winston Came Home for Christmas.

The Wishing Tree by Meika Hashimoto

Christmas is a time for hope and believing that wishes do come true. Meika Hashimoto’s The Wishing Tree tells the story of Theo, a boy who loves everything Christmas. From twinkling lights to merry carolers, and of course, Santa, Theo looks forward to Christmas. However, his excitement slowly dwindles as the days approaching Christmas pass without a single holly in sight. Despite the not-so lively atmosphere, Theo is determined to remind everyone in town about the true spirit of Christmas and the importance of building tradition. The Wishing Tree also features 12-punch out holiday cards where readers can write their own wishes for Christmas, fantastic artwork by Xindi Yan, and the heartwarming theme of family and community.


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