Celebrating Life with the Wildlife and the Great Outdoors

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The great outdoors is likened to a vast expanse of the universe in and of itself. It holds wonders that never fail to fascinate its spectators. It also holds mysteries that can only be described as life’s gifts to man, exploring and discovering and keeping on living and surviving. In Mike Honeycutt’s world travel, as shared in his book, Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing, the author leverages his passion for hunting and fishing to explore the world and search for the most exotic animal species on the planet. Mike traversed the deepest forest, the peak of the mountains, the great range of the savannas, experienced different cultures, foods, religions, and languages with his aim of immersing himself in his love for the great outdoors. 

Life with the Wildlife          

Whenever people hear the word wildlife, pictures of lions or tigers chasing after their prey across grassy plains in a subtropical region usually come to mind. It could be kangaroos hopping across the desert of Central Australia. It could even be pictures of cute, cuddly koalas holding tight onto a eucalyptus tree branch, the black and white bamboo-eating pandas, or even crawling crocodiles over wetlands, lakes, or rivers. All of these depictions are accurate portrayals of what wildlife is all about. Wildlife is composed of wild animals and other native faunas of a particular region. Wild animals are those animals that are not domesticated. 

By nature, wild animals are, yes, wild. They’re not suited as house pets, meaning they’re not tamed. A wild animal can also survive without any help. They are capable of finding their food, water, and shelter. The only requirement for their survival is living in their natural habitat.   

One of the importance of wildlife is their contribution to biodiversity or the overall ecosystem. They maintain the balance in the ecosystem. Aside from providing food security, the wildlife maintains the balance between the carnivores and herbivores, between the predators and the prey, by maintaining a regulated process in the food chain. 

There’s also something beneficial psychologically between the interaction of humans and wildlife. There’s something therapeutic in how a wild deer approaches a person, albeit hesitantly, but slowly and surely gets nearer to take whatever food is offered by a person. There’s a sense of achievement if a wild animal approaches a person. The experience gives off a feeling of exhilaration, at the same time relaxation, and even a sense of happiness which ultimately leads to a stress-relieving experience. And for others, just like Mike Honeycutt, encountering wildlife is a life pursuit and passion.  

Life in the Great Outdoors

Being outside and breathing fresh, clean air is good for a person. What more if it’s somewhere out in the broad sweep of land, with no buildings in sight, except for the trees, far away mountains, and the expanse of green grass that seemed to go on forever? Best words to describe the experience? Breathtaking. Rejuvenating. More than just the clean air that a person breathes in, there are a lot of takeaways to be had from experiencing the great outdoors. 

Staying out in the great outdoors, even if only just for a few minutes, enhances a person’s mood. The person becomes happier. Seeing the natural beauty of nature refreshes and relaxes even the most stressful person. In fact, staring at natural green leaves is also considered therapeutic for those who have eyesight problems. So, if a person feels the need to take a break and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday routine, all they need to do is get up and take a walk along grassy slopes. Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the best ways to improve a person’s mental health. 

Another great takeaway from living or soaking in the great outdoors is that it improves a person’s overall immune system. That fresh oxygen from clean plants goes through a person’s respiratory system, which helps regulate and cleanse a person’s bodily function. Oxygen is vital for turning food into energy once consumed and is also crucial in the growth and reproduction of human cells. 

Life is not meant to be lived within the confines of a four-wall dwelling. Life is meant to be enjoyed, be celebrated. Just as author Mike Honeycutt celebrates life through his love for wildlife and nature, so should men relish, enjoy, and celebrate life through the most natural gift life has ever given to humans: the gift of nature.

Catch up with Mike Honeycutt and his journey through the wilds in his book, Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing. Grab a copy of his book now on Amazon and on his website.


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