Celebrating Life: The Color Of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum

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The Color Of Love is Poetry In Motion, transforming itself into the color of life. An everlasting rotation of the true essence of God, His indescribable beauty, and testament to life. – Quattlebaum

Book Synopsis

Life is the essence of who one is! The human race must jostle! In life, you never know how far you can push your limits until you move. Life is a constant push!!! People, all must PUSH! Because movement is the essence of life. The landscape of life by Quattlebaum entitled “The Color of Love” will incite the reader to read more as they turn the pages, inspired about what is coming next. Raymond’s book talks about the chapters of life in their solitary form. The color in life is poetry in motion. You will understand poetry from another point of view as conveyed by the author. Many times in life, it is not what you read. How good the book is you have read, where it takes you. How it makes you feel, and if you get anything from it. Raymond’s book will do a series of things as poetry. It will take the reader to another place in time but is bound to bring them back from an adventurous journey, safe and sound, anticipating more as you read to the very end. 

On Its Gospel Coalition

Quattlebaum’s The Color Of Love takes on God’s unconditional love. The love of God is the inclination and the benevolent disposition in God that stirs Him to bestow benefits both spiritual and physical upon those created in His image (and is thus, in this respect, synonymous with grace). People perceive the love of God most clearly in that He gave himself to them in His Son, through which God gave them the most beautiful, enthralling, and eternally satisfying experience possible, that is, the enjoyment and knowledge of God Himself. The love of God is saving and sovereign in form. This unfathomable love of God for His people secures the adoption of the saints into the family of God.  

On the other hand, as people see it, there is a sense in which you are seriously misinterpreting the import of the term “unconditional love.” When one says that God’s love is “unconditional,” you assert that there is nothing you can do to make Him love you either more or less. You do not earn His love by fulfilling a predetermined set of conditions. He loves you not because of what you are, but because of who God is – for He is love (1 John 4:8). But this does not suggest that God does not judge sin or that people would not have to bear the consequences of their ill-advised actions and decisions.

Who Is Raymond Quattlebaum?

Raymond Quattlebaum is an African American poet from Upper West Manhattan, New York. He is the third oldest son in a family of five. Raymond’s love for poetry started when he was in public school. Raymond was a young kid growing up in PS 84. He wrote a poem for his third-grade teacher Mrs. Albert. His teacher liked it so much that she put it in the school’s newspaper, which was quite exciting and inspiring to him. 

In his teenage years, the singing group called Earth, Wind & Fire – the elements of life – inspired him to write more poetry up until the present. Raymond has written numerous poems and compiled them into two books- Poetry in Motion and The Color of Love.

To know more about Raymond Quattlebaum and his poetry, grab a copy of his books or visit his website today. 


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