Caregiving: A Great Career Option this 2022

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2022 is expected to be an excellent career option for young adults and even professionals wanting to shift industries.

Caregiving is a noble profession. Aside from young people who opted to choose a career in caregiving after graduating high school, several professionals decided to start a career in caregiving. In the past, we have featured Eleanor Gaccetta and her heartwarming journey from being a career individual to being a dedicated family caregiver to her mom. Her incredible story is documented in the inspiring memoir One Caregiver’s Journey. Although caregiving has been an increasingly popular profession in the past few decades, during the pandemic, the world saw how crucial the role of caregivers play both in medical facilities and at home. Starting a career in caregiving is noble and viewed as an experience like no other.

In-home caregiving is a rewarding career experience that has become increasingly important during the pandemic, as staying home remains one of the safest places for older adults. The role of a caregiver is to offer supportive care to older adults by providing companionship and conversation, performing light housekeeping tasks, preparing meals, running errands, and assisting with transportation and personal care needs. Many qualities and skills developed in other jobs carry over seamlessly into caregiving responsibilities, such as being reliable, attentive, and a strong communicator.”

The past few years saw how caregiving duties have evolved. Nowadays, our beloved caregivers’ skillset is remarkable, from patient treatment to handling modern medical equipment.

The development that we have witnessed this past decade alone certainly has made caregiving one of the most exciting professions today. It is also one of the most stable as demand increases every year. In a study conducted by AARP and FP Analytics, around 10 000 people turn 65 years old every day across the United States. Observing closely with the said rate, the number of senior individuals will reach close to 90 million by 2050.

Another interesting aspect of why caregiving is becoming a viable option for young graduates and even those who want to change careers is that you do not need prior medical experience to become a caregiver. Becoming a caregiver means undergoing comprehensive and intensive training. Furthermore, once you’ve become a caregiver, the training never stops. In fact, it is a job that offers various training opportunities.

Caregiving as a profession nowadays offers flexible schedules, allowing workers to work on their other jobs, personal commitments, and other interests. It also does not discriminate; thus, you have caregivers who are new graduates of different backgrounds and even accommodate retirees.

But more than these external conditions that are ripe for starting a career in caregiving, it’s the rewarding feeling of being able to share your time, energy, skills, and kindness to people who need care and companionship.

Sometimes, it’s not just about the money but about making a difference in other people’s lives, as cliché as it may sound. Starting a career in caregiving may not sound as lucrative as working in high-rise buildings and corporate districts, but it is undoubtedly a rewarding profession. Meeting different people, helping families take care of their elderly, and being a part of the workforce that seeks to heal and serve patients is a priceless experience. Caregivers are modern-day superheroes, and to be one of them takes great courage, values, principles, and a great love for humanity. It is a path worth aspiring for and a career that provides income and fulfillment.

Eleanor Gaccetta enjoyed a stellar career as an employee before deciding to become the sole family caregiver to her mom, who suffered a hip injury when she was 93 years old. Ellie took care of her mom until her death at age 102. Her remarkable journey is documented in her heartwarming memoir, One Caregiver’s Journey. To learn more about Eleanor Gaccetta and her book, you can visit her website or grab a copy of the book today!


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