Captivating Picture Book Biographies for Readers of All Ages

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The world is full of amazing people whose stories deserve to be shared and loved, and the fact that there’s a whole library of picture book biographies for readers of all ages is just the best thing. Despite how fascinating a fiction story is, there’s something magical about stories of real people. Picture book biographies are so informative, honest, and fascinating that you could listen to it for hours end. These books have something important to convey, to give, to all ages, all generations. They are not just for young children. They are books for everyone. Below is a list of ReadersMagnet’s favorites.

Exquisite by Suzanne Slade and Cozbi A. Cabrera

Discover the beauty of how poetry sew words together to create a fascinating verse with Exquisite: The Poetry and Life of Gwendolyn Brooks. Slade turns her attention to another visionary woman, poet Gwendolyn Brooks, the first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize. Explore the life of this poet who is known for her poem about “real life,” starting her early years. Through poverty and challenges, she value written word, and writing “became like eating and breathing’ for the young Brooks. Discover how Brooks continued writing and dreaming of a better future. Exquisite is a vibrant portrait of this groundbreaking poet who in her own words hopes to “help people better understand others.”

Grandpa Nick’s Bump by Lynda Daniele

There will always be a person who will leave a significant impact in your life. Someone who teaches you many lessons. Someone who will change your life. And for author Lynda Daniele that someone is her husband, Nick. Grandpa Nick’s Bump is Lynda Daniele Children’s book in honor of her loving husband. Who would have thought that Grandpa Nick’s simple act can create a strong bond and leave a huge impact after his demise? If the children were asked, he was the best grandfather they had for creating unforgettable memories with these kids until the time of his death. His simple act of becoming a grandfather left a huge impact to these children. Daniele narrates the heartwarming accounts of this dying old man’s last days and the children he made happy. Grandpa Nick’s Bump is in memoriam of Nick who is may have left the earth but never forgotten.

Hiawatha and the Peacemaker by Robbie Robertson and David Shannon

Robbie Robertson and David Shannon sheds light to the remarkable story of Hiawatha. This incredible native helped bring peace to the five Iroquois nations at war with one another. Hiawatha’s once lonesome solitude changed after a man with glowing white stone canoe approaches, sharing a message of peace and reconciliation. The two traveled to carry and amplify this message during visits of warring tribes. Thanks to Hiawatha’s peacemaking leadership, the Iroquois united, laying the groundwork for political change. Follow Hiawatha transform into one of the greatest figures in history.

The Oldest Student by Rita Lorraine Hubbard

Learning will never stop, no matter what age you are in you’re constantly learning. In The Oldest Student, Hubbard narrates the story of Mary Walker who despite old age followed her dream. At the ripe age of 116, she learned to read. Born into slavery, Walker worked hard and took care of her family, postponing her dream of learning to read. She was gifted a Bible which pushed her to want to learn to read. She kept it and made marks in it when her children were born. It was only in 1963 when she finally enrolled in a literacy program. She learned to read and had been certified the nation’s oldest student. The Oldest Student hopes to share the indomitable spirit of Mary Walker across to all readers.

All The Way to the Top by Annette Bay Pimentel,

Having a disability is not the end, one can still do great things. And Jennifer Keelan proves just that. It was when she discovered that disabled people are being ignored that she joined a diverse group of disability rights activists. At the age of 8, she proposed the ADA to “make room for all people, including those with disabilities.” But to no avail, this was dismissed. Keelan and other disabled activists crawl up the steps of the Capitol to be heard. Although the ADA hasn’t fixed everything, this will not stop the now adult Keelan to use her voice to speak up.


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