Book Review: Jacques Lafrance’s Heaven Is Beyond Imagination 

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In Jacques Lafrance’s Heaven Is Beyond Imagination, he writes recorded testimonials of people who claim to have been in Heaven for a short while. 

Everyone wonders about the afterlife and thinks about Heaven or hell. In Jacques Lafrance’s Heaven Is Beyond Imagination, he writes that Heaven is different from what people think. Witnesses who claim to have been in Heaven describe Heaven beyond what Christians expected.

Jacques Lafrance’s Heaven Is Beyond Imagination 

In the book “Heaven Is Beyond Imagination” by Dr. Jacques LaFrance, fifty eyewitnesses share their experiences of Heaven’s music, beauty, waters, flowers, joy, peace, love, and more. These witnesses include those who had direct encounters, near-death experiences, and angelic visits. Dr. LaFrance creates a Christian view of Heaven, describing it as golden mansions, diverse biomes, and ecosystems. The book’s first chapter explains how souls enter paradise through light beams and space-time tunnels. It also narrates heartwarming moments of meeting departed loved ones and Jesus Himself. Initially starting with 18 accounts, the book features fifty, enriching the overall portrayal.

About Dr. Jacques LaFrance

Dr. LaFrance’s life revolves around three main aspects: Teaching computer science for 27 years and indulging in nature study as an amateur naturalist. Following Jesus. These interests have resulted in studies linking science to the Creator of the universe and personal experiences on forgiveness. His published works include “A Composite Portrait of Heaven,” its sequel “Heaven Is Amazing!” and the current “Heaven Is Beyond Imagination.” These books compile eyewitness accounts to provide a comprehensive understanding of Heaven. The first used 18 testimonies, the second 34, and the current used 50 plus 19 statements of hell. Dr. LaFrance aims to share these insights for a closer, more trusting relationship with God and a fulfilling life.

Heaven According to The Bible 

As the Bible describes, Heaven is a realm of eternal perfection where God dwells. It’s portrayed as a place of ultimate joy, peace, and communion with God for those who believe. The Bible emphasizes that it’s beyond human imagination and free from suffering, sin, and death. It’s often depicted as a place with golden streets, where believers are reunited with loved ones and worship God forever. The Bible teaches that Heaven is a reward for faith in Jesus Christ, where believers experience God’s presence fully. It’s a promise of everlasting life in perfect harmony with God and one another.

Lazarus Effect 

The Lazarus effect occurs when someone declared dead by healthcare providers suddenly shows signs of life due to restored blood flow. In medical terms, it’s called “autoresuscitation,” meaning a return of circulation after CPR. Survival after this brief revival is uncommon. While rare in medicine, the concept of returning from death is prominent in culture, linked to the Biblical tale of Jesus raising Lazarus. However, the term can mislead. Those experiencing the Lazarus effect don’t die and resurrect. Instead, their vital signs drop due to organ issues, with blood flow restoration delayed after CPR, creating the illusion of revival.

3 People Who Say They Have Been to Heaven 

Crystal McVea

McVea’s 2009 near-death incident due to pancreatitis introduced her to Heaven, angels, and God’s presence as radiant light. While tempted to stay, she saw a sign from God, compelling her to return to raise her family. This event significantly transformed McVea’s life and her grasp of life’s purpose.

Maria Hansen 

In 2008, a car accident left Maria, a Danish woman, declared dead at the scene. Revived in the ambulance and fully recovered later, she recounted her near-death experience to a local newspaper. She mentioned encountering a bright light and profound tranquility while “dead.” Maria saw her late grandfather in Heaven, who told her it wasn’t her time and that she had to return.

Don Piper 

In 2008, Don Piper died 90 minutes after a car crash. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, he shared visiting Heaven, where he met family and friends at the gates, though not God or Jesus. Piper, who hadn’t aged, spent time with family before returning. He found it remarkably real, different from dreams, and compellingly true. Piper eagerly anticipates returning, as Heaven felt lasting compared to fleeting life here.


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