Book Feature: Who’s Knocking at My Door? A Country Pond Tale

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Who is going to answer when nature calls for help? Who will be there when nature’s inhabitants come knocking at the door? One thing is for sure; it doesn’t necessarily have to be an adult to open the door when nature comes calling in and seeking for help. Who’s Knocking At My Door?: A Country Pond Tale by Terrie Stadler is a delightful children’s book that inspires kids of all ages (and even adults!) to develop an awareness and a love for nature and to understand nature’s significance in people’s lives.   

How did the book come to be?

The story of the book was based on an actual event. Terri Stadler was sitting in her kitchen one day when she and her daughter heard a loud banging coming from the living room. At first, both the author and her daughter did not get up to see who it was, but then the door banging continued. Both of them then and there decided to see who or what it was and to shoo it away. But then, they were met by an unusual sight to their surprise.

It was a turtle, a softshell turtle, just right outside their door. The turtle seemed to be looking for something, looking for food perhaps. The author recalled the incident as being comical. The turtle looked to be wanting to come in or something. That’s when Terrie and her daughter decided to make a story about the incident. Her daughter made all of the signs and drawings of the book and then self-published them. And that’s how Who’s Knocking At My Door? A Country Pond Tale came to be. 

Book Reception  

The book received a warm reception from its readers of all ages. The author was successful in capturing her audience’s interest through an amusing storyline and by bringing animal characters to life, but she was also able to bring to the reader’s awareness, especially to her young readers, the importance of caring for nature.

There are a lot of things happening in the outside world that people should take part in, and it all begins with what’s happening right outside the front yard. The book opens up a whole new world of imagination of all the possible and amazing that can happen right within people’s homes and yards. As portrayed by the author in her book, the comrade and camaraderie between the pond animal inhabitants in her front yard created knowledge within the children on the significance of maintaining a balance in nature’s ecosystem. 

Set against the tropical climate of South Florida, the book aims to educate its readers that there is more to animals than what people perceive them to be. Animals have feelings and conscience, too. Oftentimes, these creatures also wanted to reach out to human beings. Hence, it’s also essential to teach the kids to communicate with nature and animals. 

Why the book is a Must-Read and a Must-Have 

Who’s Knocking at My Door? is a book for everyone, especially for the kids. The colorful, illustrated book did more than just entertain; it promoted the love for the environment and every single inhabitant. It helped cultivate children’s imagination while at the same time serving as an educational material to aid children’s language development through reading and storytelling and as a way of appreciating nature and the environment. An easy read book, Who’s Knocking at My Door? is also a book that can serve as bonding reading material between parents and their children. The best part? The book served as an answering call to nature’s appeal for awareness and protection.

Go ahead and open that knock on the door. Grab a copy now on Amazon, or head on to the author’s website at


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